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Matthew Jarrett
... Joker. As far as Bat-foes go, I was always more freaked out by Two Face. When he was written well (which wasn't common back in the day), he was intimidating as hell. Still one can hardly deny the importance of the Joker in Bat Lore, and a well-written and considered list like this is significant. It brings fresh conversation to a character looking to impact cinema anew, with Leto's already-controversial version primed to either explode or implode. I expect it to be honestly better done than Ledger's, but perhaps too different and edgy to really resonate with audiences. I'm also afield in not particularly digging the whole Nolan/Bale Batman thing. Of all the portrayals in the three films, though, Heath's definitely stands out as the peak performance. One that seems never to get mentioned though is Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow, though. Murphy was brilliant, and if the character's obvious descent into madness had been given a bit more screen time, I think it would go down as one of Super Cinema's great villains.

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