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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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I love Mortal Kombat it's one of the most best video games of all time, I hated the old ones of the graphics and moves. But Mortal Kombat X just straight up amazing. Though I hated the movie because it was as shitty as the old MK games but when I heard another reboot was coming I was like, alright a shitty movie I'm not watching, but when I heard James Wan was directing I was relieved, because the old movies didn't have a good crew, a good director and cast.

But now with james Wan directing I think I know what to expect from it, of course with an A-list director, directing this movie it's also gonna have A-list stars. I'm just giving my opinion on who should play who in the next reboot. Just please don't screw this up James Wan.

Sonya Blade - Ronda Rousey

Sonya Blade is one tough cookie, and so is Ronda Rousey. She has look and the acting chops for it. She's tough and muscular which would make her perfect for the role of Sonya Blade. Have you seen her fight in Furious 7? The fight scene between her and Letty was far beyond awesome, she's proven she can handle herself in that kind of situation. No one else I see can play the role perfectly and do you realize how similar these two are? Hair color, lower jaw and facial expression.

Kano - Sylvester Stallone

Kano was a hard pick. I had to find someone experienced in fighting and has that certain age look. I wanted to go with Jeffrey Dean Morgan but Sly Stallone would make a good pick. He's freaking Rocky! He's had a lot of experience in fighting and boxing, he came up with the idea of Rocky Balboa, he was great in Expendables 3, he's got the build and the weigh for the role. Give him long hair and a goatee, he'll make this work.

Johnny Cage - Chris Evans or Chris Pine

Heeeeree's JOHNNY?
Heeeeree's JOHNNY?

2 Chris' for one character, this was hard to choose. Chris Evans has got that cocky thing going on you know, and I remembered him in Scott Pilgrim vs The World, his role quickly made me realize he was Johnny Cage all along. Chris Pine's also got the cockiness trait in him. He's a great actor and he almost looks like Johnny Cage, except younger. As you know Johnny Cage is the father of Cassie Cage and both of them would make good badass fathers. Also Chris Evans voiced Casey Jones for that animated TMNT movie in 2012 and it was kind of good but out of these two I think Chris Pine would be my first choice for Johnny Cage.

Kotal Kahn - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Sun God Kotal Kahn
Sun God Kotal Kahn

After taking a look back at Sun God Kotal Kahn, it reminded me of Dwayne Johnson in that old Egyptian movie I can't remember what it was, I think it was the Scorpion King or something I can't remember. But anyways with that being said I think Dwayne Johnson can make a really good Kotal Kahn. He's big and tough and can let all that rage out. Look closely, you can see the similarity also in this picture.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion - Ray Park and Tony Jaa

How could you not say no to that? It's Ray Park! Why? Oh I don't know maybe it has something to do with him being Darth Maul! and Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra! I loved him in both. His portrayal of Snake Eyes in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra as an excellent ninja/martial artist would make him perfect for the role of Sub-Zero. Next we have Tony Jaa whom I think would make an excellent Scorpion. Since he's worked with James Wan before in Furious 7 and we've all seen him fight in Furious 7 so yeah, he's the perfect choice for Scorpion. Not only is he a great actor but he's also a martial artist expert and Muay Thai expert.

Kitana - Karen Fukuhara

You might think this is a joke because Karen Fukuhara is playing Katana in Suicide Squad, but I'm not. I really think Karen Fukuhara can also make a good Kitana for MK and have you seen the Suicide Squad trailer? Sure yes the only action we see Karen Fukuhara doing is just stabbing herself dramatically. But to be honest I hate the cinematic version of Katana, it is just horrible, I mean who wears a plastic-half-face mask? They could've made it like with a darker tone and more edgy and gritty, but no they went with full on white and red. Nobody looks good in Katana's mask but Kitana has got that darker and edgier tone and doesn't wear a mask, that's good enough for me.

Cassie Cage - Scarlet Johansson

Another Cage member, Cassie Cage the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. Sure Cassie Cage is a new addition but still doesn't mean we won't see her in the Mortal Kombat reboot! Scarlet Johansson has had some pretty awesome roles in her career such as the role in Kill Bill, Black Widow in Captain America:The Winter Soldier etc. But she'd make a great Cassie Cage. We've seen her blonde and we've seen her redheaded so why not? She made a great Black Widow, and besides after all the feminist comments and statements she got as Black Widow, she deserves a little badass role.

Jax Briggs - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Despite being big and tough, Adewale brings madness into any role he portrays. Jax Briggs is kind of a cyborg. He is an archetypical African-American hero. I wanted to go with Ray Fisher but I just didn't think he'd make a good Jax since we've never seen him as Cyborg yet. But Adewale is portraying Killer Croc in Suicide Squad and he looked badass than ever. It wasn't all CGI, to make the make up look realistic they had to use CGI but without CGI it's still make up and still badass. No one else would be perfect for Jax Briggs more than Adewale.

Rayden - Jackie Chan

Before you start protesting me, think for a second. It's Jackie Chan! He is a martial arts expert, having appearing in many action movies such as Karate Kid, The Tuxedo and Dragon Blade where he uses his martial arts skills to do tricks, sure of them were wires and ropes but most of them aren't. He's got that serious, dark look in him. He's certainly qualified to be Rayden. But still there are always other actors out there.

Jacqui Briggs - Kerry Washington

Another newcomer here, Jacqui Briggs also started debuting in Mortal Kombat X and is friends with Cassie Cage also daughter of Jax Briggs. I needed someone young and talented for the role of Jacqui Briggs, Meagan Good was gonna be my first choice but then Kerry Washington slipped my mind. She a good actress, she's young enough to be Jacqui Briggs. So why not? She's got talent as an actress.

There is just so much characters in Mortal Kombat but these are who I think would make a great addition to the movie. Rather than the originals since new is always better. I hope you enjoyed this fan cast.


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