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Inside out, another emotional driven movie made by Pixar, the masters of animation. This new movie is about how a twelve year old girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco and is having a hard time with it because you know like the usual stuff like missing her friends and school. And at the same time Joy and Sadness end up getting lost outside of the control room that controls Riley's emotions. So then leaving Anger, Disgust and Fear in charge and end up doing a horrible job of keeping Riley from doing stupid things causing Joy and Sadness to do whatever they can to get back home to fix everything. The main focus of this movie is on Joy and Sadness's adventure and how Joy does not fully understand her, like what is her purpose.


This movie hits you really hard because it shows us the audience things that we can relate too. Like feelings like regret, happiness, sadness, fear, and so much more. There were just so many scenes where I was like, oh my god I have felt exactly like that before. There were also parts in the movie that showed how the emotions from another person react to some of the things that the main character does. There is like this one scene that had all these components. It showed how the main character does something stupid causing her parents to get angry and it shows the inside of the dads and moms mind and how they analyze the situation and I was like, damn, that's probably what my parents think when I do stupid shit like that. And the funny part is that my parents were watching this movie with me and they were probably thinking so that's how Harshith, that's my name by the way, feels when we do stupid shit like that to him. And I could safely say both me and my parents probably feel like jerks for what we have done in the past to each other and like this there are numerous amounts of these types of scenes. The movie is definitely a really good family and bonding movie. Its helps us have a greater understanding for each other and sort of have more respect for one another. Its such interesting way how the movie is able to tap into everyone's different experiences and thoughts. The whole movie in general is just a metaphor. Another cool thing the movie does that it shows us what goes on in our heads and what leads us to doing so so actions. For example, it shows how the different emotions that are in control like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear contribute to how a person would react to certain scenarios. The movie makes you wonder what goes up in your head. By far this movie is one of the most creative and heartwarming stories that Pixar has made but all in all I would say that inside out would probably in the middle of the Pixar movies when put in order from worst to best. One positive that I really want to just put out their is that I enjoyed the character Joy’s character arch and I don’t really wanna talk more about it cause I could be stepping into spoiler territory. There were a lot of scenes where it showed other humans control centers and those were fantastic. Many of them were hands down hilarious


This movie for sure does not have that many negatives but it sure does have one that is very harmful. The movie for me did happen to get boring toward the middle. The reason is because it starts to drift to more of an adventure movie rather than an emotional roller coaster. Before watching this movies I was expecting more of just a movie that just talked about how the memories worked and why people act the way they do, which we got, but instead it decided to have all emotional roller coaster stuff in the end and beginning and having a generic adventure. Another way they could have solved this problem is by shortening the length of the movie because the movie was flipping’ two hours and a half and as I said before it was like it was falling apart in the middle. In this movie there was a land called Imagination land and to me it felt like it had no purpose really in the movie except for one scene. I think the whole purpose of that location was to just show us something interesting but I didn’t buy into it. This is not really a negative that affects the movie but in the credits scene it was just showing us the control center of other people and it was pretty funny. Eventually it showed us the control center of a cat and a dog and it was like they were trying to show us something funny but it was just plain stupid, but just so you know this doesn't really affect the movie, it's just something that I saw that annoyed me.


So I think we all know that I would give this movie a Yah because it's such a unique tale that Hollywood now a days lacks. With all these movies just being so generic and obvious its nice to finally watch a movie and feel intrigued. One thing though is that I certainly think this movie was over hyped because the last pixar movie was not so great so this one felt much better and also because its something that's never really been done before.


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