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Hi guys this is Harshinstinct and today I will be reviewing Jurassic World. Jurassic World is pretty much Jurassic Park fully running with paying customers. I found it pretty cool how they made the whole theme park feeling in the very begin and how they revealed the whole park. So the main plot is driven by how a dinosaur who is genetically modified escapes and starts causing havoc. And when this happens the two main character kids are stuck outside in the safari and it's up to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s characters to save them and take down the Indominus Rex which is the genetically modified dinosaur. There are also many subplots where the scientist played by B. D. Wong is attempting to steal the embryos of the dinosaurs. Another subplot is Vincent D'ONofrio character who is trying to militarize the dinosaurs which is a wtf moment because they are goddamn dinosaurs, you can not control them


The movie is fun if only you turn your brain off. I like the fact how in the movie they make it that they put the audience thoughts in the movie. What I mean by this is when Chris Pratt says why would u genetically modify a dinosaur or when he says aren't dinosaurs cool enough. It makes some of the actions in this movie reasonable. Like i would understand why they would genetically modify the dinosaurs because I am pretty sure after twenty years of dinosaurs the wow factor would disappear. CGI was pretty good. Pretty much anything that had CGI in it looked amazing. The fight scenes were awesome, they were well shot and the CGI just made it better. Chris Pratt is alright like he was really charismatic but his character didn't have much to grow on. I only remembered his character because it Chris Pratt.


The CGI is this movie is great like how I said before but the thing is that cgi in most movies look as good as this so having amazing cgi does make a movie good but not amazing. The story is the main thing that should keep the movie going, what the movie does is that it tries to make us turn off our brain and just enjoy the CGI while the plot just lacks good characters and interesting storytelling. The dinosaur in this movie did seem like it did whatever it needed to do to further the plot. But at times it good either be said that it was there to make an interesting twist. As I said before the characters were weak. I never felt like routing for any of them other than Chris Pratt just because he is just so charismatic. There was also barely any character development because there are two characters who act like douches in the beginning and you end up never liking them in the end even after the movie tries to convince you to like them. To be honest there was more character development on this one raptor than the rest of the humans. I also feel like that the few of the subplots were unnecessary like the subplot with the parents of the kids and Vincent D'ONofrio’s subplot. Like its just so stupid how he thought he could lead an army of raptors into battle. The main reason why I don’t like this movie that much is because most people can bare the fact the movie is alright because it comes from a rich franchise. And just so you guys know this is exactly what Dan Muriel said in the most recent Movie Fight and I can strongly agree with his opinion. Because of this thought process movies that come from a big franchise don't have to be very good to succeed and film makers take advantage of this.


So guys I decided to change my rating system to Nah or Yah which means that I just pretty much say Yah, if I liked the movie and feel like that people should go out and watch it or Nah, that people shouldn't waste their time watching it. At the end guys this movie is definitely a fun watch if you turn off your brain and it kinda blew my expectations because I thought it was gonna be really bad, but it does have a lot of negatives. I really don't like the fact how it relies on its special effects to carry the movie rather than its storytelling. I would say this movie would be a weak Yah because you can still have fun watching the movie.


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