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Freddy vs. Jason received mixed reviews, but personally, I really enjoyed it. The fact that two characters from some of my favorite movies are in the same one?! How can I not love that? Yes, the CGI was over the top and most of it was unrealistic, but that's not the point. The point is that the storyline connecting Freddy and Jason worked really well. The rest of the cast was decent, good enough that I didn't hate anyone. After seeing this film, it just made me want more.

I don't know about any of you, but I've thought a lot about different cross over ideas featuring different of our favorite slashers. Here is a list in which I would love to see on the big screen someday, done well of course.


I love both of these characters, and a cross over wouldn't be impossible. This may sound ridiculous at first, but having a film featuring an unknown killer(s) and a family of cannibals and murderers sounds exciting. I had ideas of how the story would go.

1. The film would be about a girl who is harassed by phone calls, by Ghostface. Since this would take place in Texas, the Ghostface killer(s) are copycats of the original Scream film. Eventually, the girl is chased by the killer(s) to a farm house. I'm still not sure what would happen in between, but eventually Ghostface comes across the Sawyer family, including Leatherface. One of the Ghostface killers would get caught by Leatherface, and then other one(s) would try and rescue them by stalking and killing members of the family. The final girl would be captured but then face many obstacles of getting out.

2. This one is a bit more out there. So the Ghostface killer(s) would actually be the Sawyer family. They would go into town and harass teenagers and then bring them back for Leatherface to deal with. That would be a very interesting take on the story, in my opinion.


So this would be a continuation on the previous film. The two slashers would somehow end up in hell, and then Pinhead would arrive. Pinhead would capture the two and torture them and such. Now the writers of the original film had an ending with Pinhead which I really liked. But then the two could escape hell, and have a story of their own. Pinhead then (for the whole movie) figures out how to bring them back.


This would be very similar to Freddy vs. Jason but obviously different. Maybe Freddy needs more power, like in the previous film. But this time, Michael is already alive, and Freddy haunts his dreams. It would be very interesting to see what Michael dreams about. But as we all know, Michael has no feelings, and doesn't collaborate with anyone, so Freddy would control him in his dreams (or something like that). Eventually Michael (or the characters) brings Freddy into the real world, and that's when they fight. I would just love to see Michael in a cross over film.


This would probably be an easier story to come up with. Maybe the Ghostface killer is stalking victims and somehow comes across Michael, as he is stalking the same people. This would actually work out well, as if the main character relates to both in some way. The Ghostface killer(s) would be watching the character, as Michael comes across the killer(s) and begins to fight. It would be scary in my opinion, because the Ghostface killer(s) are regular people (still insane) but not like Michael so they wouldn't know how to handle it.

Let me know what you think of these ideas!


What cross over would you like to see the most?


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