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I think it's safe to say that most of us wish we could forget Emo-Spiderman... uh... I mean Spiderman 3 with it's many MANY flaws but regardless of how terrible (or good to some) it answered a very good question "do we want to see Venom?" The answer wasn't just a yes it was an astonishing hell yes!!! Which is why I was ready to rip my movie chair from the floor and hurl that mofo to the screen in true Venom fashion. I mean Topher Grace!? Really!? c'mon.

Nothing against Topher, enjoy many nights of That 70's Show but was expecting someone a bit more... beefy I guess?

Acting Vs. Image?

I recalled an argument I had with a lady friend after seeing the movie where she said "I think Topher was a great Venom" which I replied you need to slap the dealer who sold you that Crack you're smoking. (which I understand how maybe that wasn't the right thing to say at that time) Regardless I told her who would have been perfect for that role:

Brock Lesnar

During his reign of dominance in what was known as WWF at the time Lesnar was the definition of power gone haywire but he also had the look, body and attitude of a bully and uh yeah... his name is Brock! I know that's pushing it but still. But of course around that time the only acting chops Lesnar had was that of the square-circle, i mean he barely said a word during his start in WWF which is what my friend brought up and suggest that's why Topher was so great because of his acting which is a valid point if his acting as Eddie Brock was actually you know... good.

Moving forward to The Amazing Spiderman which I thought sucked but brought it back with part 2 but now Marvel have their baby back the question again is Who should be Venom? In a different conversation with other nerd friends this guy's name came up:

John Cena

Definitely an interesting choice in my opinion for the fact that not only he's pretty much changed the dynamic of Sports Entertainment and have every kid fan in the world now but he's actually a decent actor... to a degree. He has portrayed both hero and villain and he's built like a Venom however I think he's too woven into the wrestling world to be considered for this prominent of a role plus ole Johnny boy "ain't no spring chicken" like grandma use to say but then again if The Rock can pull off being Black Atom... but that remains to be seen. Another name I heard in the imaginary running:

Mike The Miz Mizanin

Even though I wasn't even thinking of this guy at first I have to say he might be a solid choice. He's not huge like the other 2 choices but given how much of a toothpick Hollywood wants Spiderman to be these days this might be a better fit. The Miz is that guy you love to hate and hate to love but this guy has enough acting chops to get himself out of the "Real World" and into the WWE (with some movie success?). He's also great at whining which is all Eddie Brock do about Peter Parker before dawning the Symbiote. To steer away from wrestling fame to actual sport athletes here's one i would love to see:

J. J. Watt

My favorite Venom story arc is the hard luck Eddie Brock; star athlete in college blows his knee out, career over. Goes into bodybuilding get caught doping and get banned. Pretty much an outcast in life that NOBODY wants to touch he goes back to the one other thing he's actually good at: photography. But because of Peter Parker owning Eddie time and time again with better puctures the hatred for Parker builds and the rest is history. Like the other choices j. J. only has limited experience with actual acting (even less so than the others) but he's proven to not only be a likable guy on and off the field he's probably the most athletic out of all the choices. He would definitely be my choice for a future Venom but by that time who knows what kind of condition J. J. will be in. So here's one more a bit younger that I think would be a very interesting choice:

Parker Boudreaux

If you're scratching your head saying "who?" I'm talking about this guy

The guy who made the viral video of him PULLING A SCHOOL BUS just to say which college he decided to go to! (Spoiler Alert: it's Norte Dame) In a word "Ballsy." But of course without that video many of us would not know who this kid was (outside the die hard football fans) so I really can't say if the guy can act but still... pretty badass pulling a school bus :D

So I guess the real question to ask is would we rather have someone who looks the part over someone who can act the part because we all know how rare those perfect castings can be I.e. Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Guess we will wait and see what road we take, hell for all we know they could just go full CG like with Hulk and this post won't even matter.

What are your thoughts? I know I have all sport figures here but please share with me if you have a better sports figure in mind or an actual actor that would make a great Eddie Brock/Venom


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