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With the first sequel to The Incredibles set to be released next year and with no information being given about it, many fans are wondering what the heck is going on with this film. There are no casting announcements, no plot details and no official release date except for the year 2016.

There has been speculation of what will happen in this film. Many have suggested that the main antagonist may be a returning villain, such as the Underminer or Bomb Voyage. I, however, believe that Pixar would go further than pinning the Incredibles against another supervillain. Pixar only makes sequels if they are confident that it will be better than the first, and they can't make the sequel better than the first if they both follow the same formula.

In order to analyze what the sequel may be about, we must first look at its predecessor.

The Silver Age of Supers

At the beginning of The Incredibles, we witnessed the 'golden age' of supers. They were accepted everywhere and protected the world. But after a lawsuit against Mr. Incredible and other heroes, the supers were forced to hide their powers.

During the climax of The Incredibles, we witnessed the return of supers with Mr. Incredible, Elasta-Girl and Frozone returning, and Dash and Violet debuting. This, due to the circumstances, came as a great relief to the regular people, bringing forth what we can only assume to be a new re-acceptance of supers.

This re-acceptance would have most likely brought the other supers (who had not yet been killed by Syndrome) out of hiding with even more positive responses from the public, bringing about what we can assume to be the Silver Age of Supers.

So where does the Pixar Theory come in?

For those of you who don't know, the Pixar Theory is a widely-accepted fan theory connecting all of the Pixar movies. It is very well written and has not really been disproven yet, not even by Pixar. In fact, Pixar has yet to do anything in their own films to disprove it (Inside Out fit perfectly into the theory, almost as if Pixar was embracing it). You can view the theory here if you have not read it yet.

The theory at one point states that supers received their abilities from the Will-of-the-Wisps from Brave. It also states that the events of The Incredibles are what started the eradication of supers, which explains the absence of supers in later Pixar films. This eradication all started with Syndrome's creation of AI technology and Zero Point Energy, which is what gave 'life' to machines and other inanimate objects who felt threatened by the supers and killed them.

Pixar may truly embrace the Pixar theory

The Pixar Theory is now a very well-known theory which has actually drawn more interest into Pixar, giving them more money. The people at Pixar would be fools to disprove it with their films as it may cut off the attention of those who follow the theory.

I find it likely that Pixar will not seek to disprove this theory in their movies. As I mentioned earlier, Inside Out fit perfectly into the theory and even supported the theory. It would not come as a surprise to me if The Incredibles 2 did the same thing.

So, with that in mind, it is very likely that...

...We will see the beginning of the eradication of supers in The Incredibles 2

If this movie is going to fit into the Pixar Theory without being completely defined by it, it will most likely show the rise of AI's. This ties into the climax of The Incredibles where we witnessed the final battle against the rogue Omni-droid which turned against Syndrome.

It is likely that, as the theory states, the new machines affected by the Zero-Point Energy will feel threatened by the new, Silver Age of Supers and may begin to rise against the heroes. I doubt we will see the final eradication of supers in the film, as that can get very dark and grotesque, but seeing the rise of AI's is a very likely possibility.

It is a safe bet that the main antagonists of The Incredibles 2 will be Artificial Intelligence and other inanimate objects that seek to destroy the supers.


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