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I love Captain America
Jacob Wojciechowski

This is my opinion not everyone's so here we go number ten

10. Home

I was disappointed by this movie but it was good enough to be on this list now to number 9

9. Kinsman The Secret Serive

This was good but i thought it was gonna be better but it wasn't now to number 8

8. San Andreas

I think the problem was the actors and how much it reminded me of 2012 now to number 7

7.Taken 3

Most people didn't like it but i did now to number 6

6. Jurassic World

Most people liked it but i didn't like as much as much as i thought now to number 5

5. Inside Out

This was disappointing to me i still liked it now to number 4


I had to choose on my top 4 and this was the lowest but still it was great now to number 3

3. Furious 7

A Stunning tribute to Paul Walker i honestly loved it now to number 2

2. Avengers Age of Ultron

The sequel to 2012's Marvel's The Avengers was honestly better than the first one now to number 1 but here are 5 honorable mentions

Spongebob Movie Sponge out of Water



Fantastic Four


Number 1 is

1. Mad Max Fury Road

I loved it everything was great effects directing acting everything now i will soon release the worst of 2015


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