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Possible spoilers for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Read with care.

(This is my first article I have written on here. I'd love feedback on what you guys think, along with some of your own opinions.)

With Batman vs Superman quickly (thankfully) approaching theaters, the hype just continues to grow. There have been rumors and whispers surfacing ever since the movie was first announced by Warner Bros. Who's the main antagonist? Why are Batman and Superman fighting? etc. The closer we get the more questions we're left with. While most people have some sort of answer to most of these questions, there has been one that I feel has been overlooked. What is Jena Malone's role in this film? The star of Suckerpunch has been seen on set, but her role or if she's even gonna star in the movie is still up for question. The widely accepted theory is that Jena will be playing as Carrie Kelly, another young sidekick to Batman. For those who have never heard of this Robin have no fear, she's not considered a main Robin like Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake are.

Not my first choice for a sidekick
Not my first choice for a sidekick

Carrie Kelly made her first appearance in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Part 1&2 which BvS draws inspiration from. While we see that there was indeed at one time a robin in the new DCU, most of us can guess it didn't end well. The trailer reveals a Robin costume in a display case with a very distraught batman gazing at it. The suit has been clearly vandalized in a style that screams Joker. This brought back memories of "A Death In The Family" narratives arc where the Joker brutally beats the second Robin Jason Todd to death with a crowbar. (Or so it seems...) With Suicide Squad coming out next year as well having Jared Leto have his take on the clown prince of crime we now know for a fact he will exist in Batman vs Superman. Just look at these taunts:

From those images and the first look at the Joker in the suicide squad trailer, we are pretty certain we're gonna be dealing with a psychotic version of the Joker. With it looking like film makers are indeed going to incorporate A Death In The Family major event in this film why not include the shocker that was in The Killing Joke? A major turning point for batman comics to come. I'm of course talking of the moment where Joker shows up at Commissioner Gordon's house and shoots his daughter Barbara (or Batgirl) paralyzing her. From that point on the fans know she becomes Oracle working behind the scenes for batman.

With The Killing Joke getting its own animated movie adaption bringing back the infamous Mark Hamill to voice the Joker, it had me thinking. What if Jena Malone's role in the film isn't Carrie Kelly, but in fact Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl. Taking into thought that this version of Bruce Wayne is older and rumored to be retired at the start of the movie, it wouldn't make sense for us to see Batgirl. To see her as the Oracle however could work out very well. That means we would indeed have a very insane Joker on our hands. Not one that just killed Robin and is taunting Batman about it, but one that also shot Batgirl, paralyzing her in the process possibly forcing Bruce Wayne to call it quits as Batman. I personally think it would go very well with the dark theme they are trying to incorporate into the film along with bringing together two of the most famous and shocking Batman comic books into one huge blockbuster.

What are your thoughts? Could we see Joker kill Robin and paralyze Batgirl all in the same movie? Or possibly have it referenced?


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