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So, we first saw Danny Pink in the second episode of Doctor Who Series 8, ''Into the Dalek'' but we also saw him killed by a car in the 11th episode of series 8, ''Dark Water''. What's next for Danny Pink? Is he really gone? Will we ever see him back? Well, one thing's for sure: Samuel Anderson who plays Danny Pink wants the same!

Samuel Anderson spoke to the RadioTimes about his departure from the show:

"They were such a great team, you can do nothing but wish them the best – beautiful, beautiful people, I would love to be back on there, of course. It's one of the best things I've ever done by far."

And we also want you to come back Samuel! But how? He added:

"Maybe in an alternate universe? I wouldn't mind approaching him in a different way. Or maybe just come back as Orson Pink [a descendent of Danny's who appeared in series eight episode Listen] because then it changes the dynamic between him and the Doctor.

A truly amazing idea! Why didn't I think of that? He also added:

"If it's Orson Pink I think the relationship would be totally different because instead of a soldier – which is the kind of person the Doctor can't bear – you've got another scientist who could be quite interesting with their relationship. And then instead of it being a love interest with Clara and Danny, it would be a family affair with grandmother and grandson but at the same age."

We need to call Moffat RIGHT now! Does anyone have his phone number?

"I do remind them that Orson is alive. ."

Great! Now we've got another reason to be excited for series 9! Also, Samuel Anderson told RadioTimes that Danny Pink will still be important in series 9:

"Steven is very clever with the arcs that he writes and I suppose that the relationship with Danny and Clara was integral to how the relationship with Clara and the new Doctor was going to go. I imagine there will be something there [in series nine] for sure."
"It's such a huge show and responsibility like that – when you get through a good eight months of filming – it just gives you some added confidence. The hard work to that point has been worth it and it's just a great thing to have on your CV when you sit down in an audition or meeting. People can't help but take you a little more seriously."

That's why I love this show! It's full of surprises! Be excited Whovians!

Doctor Who is back on 19th September on BBC One with Series 9!

Watch the brand-new trailer for series 9 here featuring Missy, Zygons, Maisie Williams and more!


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