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I enjoy watching and reading all that I can and have a particular fondness for animation.
Guenter Gudermuth

Team Captain: Helen Parr aka Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Elastigirl probably isn't a common first choice for leader, but she definitely can fill the role. She was one of the best Supers in her prime and not even 15 years of no superheroing and marriage has slowed her down. Elastigirl has the ability to stretch her body long distances and shape herself into various forms. She's also strong enough to hold up a van while being outside a rocket. Not to mention her suit can take missile strikes . What makes her a good leader is that Elastigirl has years of combat and stealth experience as well as being compassionate and understanding (most of the time). Elastigirl shows how true talent never fades away.

First Draft: Queen Elsa of Arendelle (Frozen)

As if Frozen hasn't consumed enough of the universe, I can't deny that I would want this woman on my side in a fight. If you somehow missed this movie, Elsa is the now ruler of Arendelle who fought off her depression and introversion after accidentally plunging her kingdom into an eternal winter (it got better). She has so much power over the cold that not only can she make snow and ice, but can somehow create life out of snow. Elsa is a kind queen who has managed to gain control of her powers. Oh, and she has the singing voice of Idina Menzel. What other reasons do you need to join forces with her?

Second Draft: Princess Merida (Brave)

How did a character like this not get the grand adventure the advertisements promised? Merida takes after her father as a fun-loving fighter who takes control of their own destiny. This puts her into conflict with her traditional mother, resulting in a tale that teaches them a valuable lesson via turning her mother into a bear (because that worked out so well the first time). Merida is highly skilled in fencing, horseback riding, and especially archery, being called the best in the kingdom. Thanks to the video game, Merida can add fire, ice, earth, or air charms to her weapons to give them new effects. Merida may be the most reckless of the group, but her skills as a warrior makes up for it tenfold.

Third Draft: Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Poor Quasi, he may have the most depressing backstory of any Disney character. When he was just a baby, his father was executed and mother killed by his adoptive father Frollo, who locked him up in a bell tower after being morally blackmailed by the Archdeacon for trying to drown him. And to top it all off, he is hideously deformed. At least he didn't have it as bad as the original. Quasimodo has spent his whole life in the bell tower and has gained amazing strength and agility from being its bell ringer. He can bring down the stone he's chained to and can leap around Notre Dame with ease. Quasi is a loyal man, never betraying those that are good to him. He's the nicest man who could squash you like a bug ever.


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