ByChelsea Brummitt, writer at

I would love them to extend on full length movies about Jacob and reneseme love but also still include all the other original characters. Everyone loves Edward and Bella and she just became a vampire which I'm sure everyone was waiting forever for it seemed like. They need to extend there story also. They just ended it by her showing him all her memories and feelings. You can't just do that and quit. They're suppose to have forever together u can't just have Bella without Edward and I'm sure a lot of people including myself would be highly disappointed if it didn't happen. I would even be happy if they also somewhere down the line after the film I think they should make that I just mentioned, they should make one where the voltorie gets challenged. Honestly as long as it had the original characters I would be happy. I just never want the series to die. I've been reading and watching these movies since I was a teenager. I own all the books and movies and I've even got my boyfriend and little children to even love it!


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