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Alan Mehanna

1. Teen Wolf - yes I said it. For a Television Series to be on MTV and with a title like 'Teen Wolf' I had the worst expectations but I was disproven. The show is concrete and delivers powerful scares, great storylines, and at it's core the show is about family and what makes a family (pack) and for a person that loves shows about family this one is a winner.

2. The Royals - Helmed by One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwann, this shows has echoes of its predecessor with the glitz and glam of shows like Gossip Girl and Dynasty. A great cast and fun exaggerated storylines.

3. The Originals - Another vampire/werewolf drama about family. This one airs on the CW (a network that targets its shows to young adults females) but the show delivers great twists and turns and action sequences. Their episodes that deal with the show's mythology are some of the best.

4. Outlander - A show centered around Scottish history and music (two of the things that I adore) with a powerful female character that also drives the camera's point of view (no wonder they call it the anti-Game of Thrones). The love story also delivers for any hopeless romantic.

5. Revenge - a show that began with a powerful first season and then began to crumble and fall as it tried to hard to become something that it wasn't. I must give its fourth season some credit for trying to return it to its origins before ending the series on a high note.


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