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Our childhood was awesome when we had our favourite cartoons showing upon on TV. Sadly, as we have grown up, we have left our awesome childhood behind and the cartoon world was never the same. The cartoons nowadays have lost their charm in keeping the children engrossed. In this world of modern cartoons, here is my list of three cartoons which still have some of the charm the old cartoons are known for.

3. Ben 10 / Ben 10 Alien Force / Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben 10
Ben 10

Even I remember my teenage days where muttering “it's hero time” was a common thing. If you haven’t watched, “it's hero time” is the famous line from this show. The show revolves around the titular character Ben and his adventures with an extraterrestrial watch granting him the power to shapeshift into many aliens.

2. Kid vs Kat

Kid Vs Kat
Kid Vs Kat

From childhood,we have been told that the cat always chases the mouse. But giving a new twist to the tale, this time the cat chases the human and vice versa. The show is refreshing and has its own dose of comedy.

1. Phineas and Ferb

This,in my view,is the best show of the modern times. The show deals with many emotions, mainly the bond between brothers and a sister. Also, it has an indirect villain who has no connection with the heroes at all, but the day is always saved by the villain. Confusing isn’t it? Watch the show!


Which one did you watch the most?


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