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(I would like to point out that there will be spoilers in this from episode 1-4, so if you have not played these episodes or watched a youtuber play them, then do not read on.)

OK, the ending of episode 4 left all of us in shock and tears. But as I was playing episode 4, things started to click into place. Like when we found out about Rachel Amber, I was one of the fans that was hoping that we would find her alive, maybe she really did run away, and we would find her. But when Max and Chloe go to the barn, and they go underneath it, and find that creepy photography room, then the folders with girls names on them that have been popping up at the end of most episodes. When they got the one that had Rachel's name on it and that pic of Nathan and Rachel laying in the junkyard, I had a bad feeling, and when we found her remains, I felt so bad for Chloe, and so mad at Nathan. But, when it zoomed out of them two at Rachel it focuses on the doe.

When this happened I realized that the doe was Rachel, the doe only appears when we are at the junkyard, that is because that is where what's left of her is. But it also appears in the dream's or visions that Max has. Like the very first thing we do in the game is following the doe who leads us to see the storm. There we don't really think much of it. But as we learn more about Chloe, we find out about the significance of the doe. As Chloe's dad, William, gave Chloe a doe in a snow globe, which becomes very important to her when he dies. Well back to Rachel, she clearly knew about that, so when she died she became the doe.

But also notice how it seems that only Max can see it? Well that would mostly be because that I believe that Rachel had the power too, in fact Max is the one that Rachel gave it to. As it was Rachel that got Max back to Arcadia, and somehow got her into blackwell and, most importantly into Jefferson's class, also back into Chloe's life. To save her, and to make sure that they get revenge on the right person that is to blame. But there is also other evidence that points to Rachel having the power, as just about everyone says that they remember Rachel to have been perfect, or special, or different, or knew everything. That would suggest that she had it and used it often. But maybe only Frank new about it as he seems to have really cared about her, but that he knew something about Rachel that no one else did.

OK, now onto my theory about what has happened to Nathan, and why he was not at the 'End of the World' party that he seemed pretty excited about. Nathan was the obvious choice to blame for everything that has happened. He seems like a little brat that can get away with everything, but as it turns out he is not the one to blame. I would also like to point out that he was the obvious choice as his name and family name was on everything, every bit of evidence pointed to the Prescott's, that they were the one's to blame. Even on Frank's client list Nathan is on there, and there are several texts between them. But when the end happened on episode four and it was not Nathan that was there, (I will get on to who it was later), again things clicked.

That this boy is just that, a boy, that has daddy issues and issues in general. My thoughts are that the person who done all this has been hiding behind Nathan and the Prescott name so that they would never be found out, and when someone would find out it would be too late. Like how Nathan truly did not know that Rachel was dead. Right, back to the party, while Max and Chloe were in the basement, they found out that the next victim would be Victoria. So when they get to the party Max goes and warns her to stay away from Nathan. It's up to how you played the game if she believe's you or not. But when you get to the end you see that It did not matter if she did or didn't.

This is the major WTF? Moment, that the cool, young, hot, hipster teacher is the one behind everything. Now, basically all of the other fan theories I have seen on how Nathan and Jefferson tie in together is because they are working together. But I strongly believe that is not the case, I believe that jefferson is using Nathan, messing up his head, making him do things or agree to things that he does not want to do. But Nathan must be the one giving Jefferson all of the drugs from Frank, or maybe Jefferson is the one that messages Frank on Nathan's phone, we do know that Jefferson has his phone. As he is the one that messages Chloe and Max leading them back to the junkyard, but he does it under Nathan's name.

(With the picture that looked like Nathan had killed Rachel, it could be that Jefferson had drugged Nathan so he did not know what happened and does not remember what happened. If you back to the start of the first episode Jefferson talks about how he could, 'frame any one of you in a dark room...' Creepy. Also with Kate I could have been Jefferson that gave her the drugs that made her act like that, that Nathan was being a nice guy but suddenly Kate seemed fine so he left it. Also when Kate says that she heard a soft voice speaking, she didn't know who it was, it was most likely Jefferson.)

This leads to a bigger question, 'Where was Nathan when the party was going on?', well there is a chance that Nathan has been murdered by Jefferson to kept his mouth shut as when Nathan finds out about Jefferson going after Vitoria he must not have been happy as she is one of his very close friends. But the other is one I hope happens, that Nathan skipped town to get away from Jefferson, but comes back to safe Victoria, but finds that Max is the one that Jefferson is taking advantage of, maybe Victoria too. So he shoots Jefferson in the back then goes round to face him and shoots him in the face. Then gets Max to safety, only Max needs to go back as when Jefferson drugged and kidnapped Max he also done this.

Now we know that Max can not go back that far, as Jefferson would have her filled up with drugs, so if she woke up and Nathan had her in the hospital getting treated, she would need a picture so that she could go back that far and stop Chloe getting killed. Well lucky for her Warren is a sweetheart and when Max and Chloe got to the party he takes a photo of Max and himself with Max's camera. So when she goes back hopefully Nathan can come with us somehow and tells us what happened with him and Jefferson. Then he can talk to Victoria and the five of them can take Jefferson down! Max, Chloe, Nathan, Warren and Victoria!


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