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1.batman Here you are folks the #1 superhero without super powers. The dark knight. Batman's skills are totally based on hand to hand combat, and the best technology money can buy. He is without a doubt the ultimate heroe, which just goes to show us that you don't need a fancy power to be classified as a heroe, although Batman has been classified as a vigilante by most of the residents of Gotham. He's definitely earned this title.

2. Iron Man

Tony Stark may be a rich spoiled brat without super powers, but it doesn't mean that he can't bring the pain with his armored suit. Tony is a lovable character who definitely needs high priced technology to get the point of justice across. His suit is stocked with everything a heroe needs.

3. Captain America

Wing tips has always been an icon for this, what with his shield and all. The only thing that my classify him with supernatural powers is the supersoldier syrum, but that only goes to the peak of human potential. I do wonder how he always makes it just with a shield.

4. Dick Grayson

The Boy Wonder gone Nightwing gone Batman is definitely a shining beacon of a heroe without powers. Dick's best attribute is his acrobat skills and his combat. He uses technology but those are his strong points.

5. War Machine

War Machine is basically in the same boat as Iron Man. He uses Stark technology to get the job done, although a much more firearm way. He is a great partner though.

6. Barbara Gordon

Barbera Gordon is definitely a perfect example of this. She's paralyzed but still manages to be a great superhero without powers and with a disability. She may even be better than when she was Batgirl. She's very smart and flawless with technology.

7. Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain may not have super powers, but she definitely can bring the pain, especially ripping people's throats out. She may be able to sense people's movements, but I consider that an uncanny gift. That's the only reason she isn't higher up on the list.

8. Nick Fury

Nick Fury does it by the book! He doesn't need some stupid power to make him a great hero. He's got his irrationality. His whit and his great use of fire arms. Working for SHIELD for a while makes you sort of crazy.

9. Black Widow

This Russian babe can bring the hurt without powers. With her great use of combat and weaponry she's a force to be reckoned with.

10. Tim Drake

Tim Drake can't fly or shoot lasers out of his eye, but he'll never die. He is now Red Robin, which I think is so much better than him as Robin.

11. Hawkeye

This was a tough call between Hawkeye and Green Arrow, but it came down to Hawkeye winning. I think he takes the job more seriously than GA. Plus you gotta love that vehicle of his.

12. Green Arrow

He falls just under Hawkeye, but deserves this spot. I love the fact that his arrows just aren't arrows they can be explosives, gas, and arrows.

13. Bucky Barnes

Being the sidekick to Cap. America already entitles you superpowerless. When Cp. America died Bucky did a great job as him without any superpowers and being alone.

14. Batwoman

The only reason that she's so low is because I had too many bat family member so high. Batwoman is just the female version of Batman. I like the fact that she's a lesbian because that adds diversity to DC Universe. Plus I like her red hair.

15. Huntress (Bertinelli)

If you're a criminal and you meet Huntress, it's a death wish. Huntress doesn't play around. She doesn't need power to do it either. With her clear shot precision she'll take you down in an instant.

16. Stephanie Brown

This blonde bombshell may have the looks, and no powers, but she has what it takes to take down the crooks. Stephanie is young and light hearted, which is why I like her.

17. Vic Sage

Okay this guy is just Sherlocke Holmes but with a mask. Plus a little bit more creepy. Still he's cool and I definitely like him better than Renee Montoya.

18. Damian Wayne

The son of Bruce Wayne has definitely got some kick. He's got the gadgets to kick your a$$.

20. Roy Harper

Green Arrow's sidekick. He's good with the bow and arrow and doesn't need powers to prove it.


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