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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) has become one of the most anticipated superhero movies of all time, and with the recent new footage at D23, it looks to be a very successful movie.

Here in this article, is a percentage of how likely it is that each person is going to die, specifically in this movie.

The Teams:

Against Registration

Captain America

Captain America has been Marvels most committed and most patriotic person through the entirety of the MCU, and the person who most fans will support in this film (given that this is his film)!

And it is quite likely that Captain America will die in this storyline, just like he did in the comic books, and Iron Man could be the one to do it. Yes people argue that the actor has more movies in his contract, but who says that he cannot reappear in flash back sequences in other movies? This could very well be his final bow!

Chance of Death = 40%


Hawkeye was seen as a the least important hero in the MCU, but [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) showed that Hawkeye can actually be an important piece in the Avengers, and given that he mostly sided with Cap throughout that movie, there will be no doubt that he will do so again in the Civil War.

However fans all the over the world thought Hawkeye would die in the Avengers, and it is the same again here. Hawkeye is not a fan favorite, and despite it being sad to say, he will not be greatly missed in future Marvel movies, he would be a good candidate to bite the dust to show consequences of serious actions.

Chance of Death = 75%


Someone who has not made much impact in the MCU, but has already become a household name in the Avengers line-up, a good friend of Captain America, there will be no doubt that Sam Wilson will stand behind Captain America during the Superhero warfare.

Given that Falcon has only had supporting role in one film, and two cameos in two movies, and is also greatly loved by fans, his death would be seen as a waste of some fairly decent potential. But, if Cap dies, then there is no reason why Sam Wilson cannot follow.

Chance of Death = 35%

Scarlet Witch

Scarlett Witch is one of most powerful Superheroes in the MCU, and has never been fond of Tony Stark, despite being forced to work with him in Age of Ultron. So now that she has a choice, she would naturally choose Steve Rogers over Tony Stark.

However, Scarlett Witch looks to set up future Marvel movies as a powerful female character, but, if they can kill off one Maxim off twin, they can just as easily kill off another.

Chance of Death = 25%

The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier was last seen in an Ant-Man post credits scene, who looks to have begun the process of getting his memory back. And the recent D23 footage proves that he has not forgotten everything, and the Winter Soldier will continue on his long friendship with Steve Rogers and join him against Tony Stark.

However, his death in this movie is very unlikely, because the actor has a enormous contract in regards to how many movies he is doing, and he has been rumored to take over as Captain America after Steve Rogers, and if this is true, then killing him off would be the last thing Marvel would do.

Chance of Death = 10%


Ant-Man's solo movie was a big surprise for me, and has convinced me that Ant-Man will become an important part of the Avengers movies in the future, and based on the recent D23 footage, Ant-Man looks to side with Captain America in Civil War (that scene was awesome by the way)!

Because of this, to kill him off in this movie would be incredibly stupid, due to Ant-Man looking to be a big figure in Phases 4 and 5, he is also widely loved around the world due to his solo movie, so there is very little chance of his death in this movie.

Chance of Death = 5%


Iron Man

Iron Man is the one who started it all! He is the one who we all followed in the first and second Avengers movies, but after Age of Ultron, he would naturally go to the Government and enforce the registration act, and will now become one of the main antagonists for this movie, which will be very interesting to see.

And, just like Captain America, it is quite likely that Tony Stark will die. Again people argue that the Robet Downey Jr. has more movies in his contract, but who says that he cannot reappear in flash back sequences in other movies? But given the amount of money Marvel gave RDJ, it is unlikely that they will let it go down the drain by only having him do flashbacks scenes in future movies.

Chance of Death = 30%

General 'Thunderbolt' Ross

By the time Civil War comes out in May, we will have not seen Ross for 8 years, with his last appearance being in the Incredible Hulk back in 2008. And it looks like Ross has moved up in the world as he looks to take an important seat in government.

It is fairly obvious that Ross is on the main antagonists in this movie, and given that he has not appeared for 8 years, this shows that Ross has little overall impact in the MCU, so it would make sense for Marvel to kill off Ross in this movie.

Chance of Death = 90%

The Vision

Paul Bettany gave us an excellent Vision in Age of Ultron, someone who has conviction and certainty in his actions, and is a character who looks for control, which is why he is more than likely to join Tony Stark's side in Civil War.

At some point, Vision will have to die in the MCU for the plot of Infinity War, as Thanos needs the gem that is stuck in Visions forehead. So whether it is here, Infinity War, or somewhere in between, Vision will have to die at some point.

Chance of Death = 40%


Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the entire Marvel character universe, and is rumored to join Tony Stark and the government in Civil War, even if he does not have as much screen time as the other Superheroes on Iron Man's team.

Given that Spider-Man is being introduced in this film, it is almost impossible that Marvel is going to kill off a character who could be the leading hero in Phase 4 and 5.

Chance of Death = 1%

Black Widow

Black Widow has been a supporting character throughout the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and for me, she has done a fairly decent job of it. But she is rumored to be the ultimate betrayal in the movie, and turn on Captain America to join Tony Stark and the Government. Why? We are yet to find out.

And for that reason alone, she could possibly turn into an antagonist for the movie, which would be a sufficient reason to kill her off, but Kevin Feige has promised to utilize Black Widow in future Marvel Movies, and it is unlikely that he just means Captain America: Civil War.

Chance of Death = 20%

War Machine

James Rhodes has been a prominent figure in Tony Stark's movies up until now, which shows that War Machine would be one of the first to line up behind Stark for the registration act, and given that Rhodes works for the military, it would make sense for Rhodes to side with the government.

However, fans all over the world suspected War Machine would die in the second Avengers movie, and it looks to be the same again here. James Rhodes is not a fan favorite, and despite it being sad to say, he will not be greatly missed in future Marvel movies. He would be a good candidate to bite the dust to show consequences of serious actions, and possibly to add extra torment for Tony Stark.

Chance of Death = 75%


Black Panther

For me, he is going to remain neutral in this conflict, which is fitting with the general story of Wakanda. However, chances are that some sort of terrible event will drag both him and his people into this mess, kicking, clawing, and screaming.

Given that Black Panther is being introduced in this film, just like Spider-Man, it is very unlikely that Marvel is going to kill off a character who could be one of the leading heroes in Phase 4 and 5.

Chance of Death = 1%


How many Superheroes do you think will die in Civil War?

So what do you think? Who do you think will die in Captain America: Civil War? Comment Below and let me know!


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