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There are always two types of fans, the first type being casual fans. Casuals enjoy the film, know a couple of the quotes, and maybe buy the movie on Blu-ray. Then, there are the devoted fans. The ones that host weekly movie trivia nights, dress up as Justice League members with their friends, actually might name their children Luke and Leia and maybe, just maybe, have a movie-themed wedding!

These fans are committed in more ways than one! Their weddings don’t only just show their love for one another but also their love for the favourite movie. Whether it be Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland, or even Twilight, it’s a beautiful thing how two devoted fans found each other to celebrate their love in such unique and wonderful ways. And they look incredible! (So Jealous!)

Harry Potter

Devoted Harry Potter fans definitely know how to throw a magical wedding full of mischief, ginger beer and candles. With so many imaginative ideas to throw the perfect HP- themed wedding, it sure would be an enchanting experience!

The Great Gatsby

Channelling the 20s, the amazing fashion and hair styles from the era sure make a beautiful bride and a wonderful wedding! It's all about extravagance, flowers and opulent decorations. Nothing would be better for a Gatsby-enthusiast, right old sport?

Wizard of Oz

It's all about the ruby shoes upon the yellow brick road for the Wizard of Oz inspired wedding. Maybe the couple could leave on a hot air balloon at the end of the day! I wonder if any Munchkins would show up.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

A beautiful couple that love Willy Wonka had this chocolate Factory themed Wedding. Rich in colours of violet and gold, the groom dresses in a purple top hat and the tables are filled with massive amounts of candy. I bet their cake was chocolate too!

Alice in Wonderland

Pack the little jars and 'eat-me' labels for this wedding because it's chock full of colour, rabbits, cards and clocks. With such amazing decor, the wedding would really transport you to a wonderland.

Hunger Games

For the adventure lovers, a Hunger Games themed wedding really amps up any outdoor wedding. Expect a lot of berries (not the poisonous ones, of course) and a Mockingjay cake, and maybe the bride would carry around a bow and arrow.

Star Wars

The only place where the guests would be dressed as Stormtroopers and Ewoks would be at a sensational Star Wars wedding. It would probably have a lot of twinkling stars and lightsaber fights, and would be a wedding that nobody wants to miss!


Say all you want about the Twilight movies, at least they knew how to throw a heck of a wedding! With an arch of flowers at the ceremony, Twilight has inspired a lot more forest weddings serving Bloody Marys and red velvet cupcakes.


Which movie-inspired wedding would you want to attend?


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