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The World facing danger...not new. Whatever be the case here is the team that can stop anything (Maybe all good teams can do that...right?).

The Captain/Leader/Master-Mind:Tyrion Lannister(Game of Thrones)

The "Imp" or the "Halfman" has got twice as much knowledge and wisdom as you have. Doubt it, he has got a book for himself "The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister" which contains an illustrated collection of Tyrion's quotes from the novels. All those who have seen Game of Thrones know him far toomuch to be described in words, those who haven't have missed a hell os a show.His ability to think quick, handle any situation and guts to kill can get his team out of any solution. Why? Check out his team.

1st Round Pick: Barry Allen(The Flash)

If you are a speedster and a scientific nerd, you can outrun and outsmart anyone.

He outrun Sups.
He outrun Sups.

Tyrion's wiseness is a lot like (I think its better though than) Harrison Wells(Eobard Thwane/Reverse Flash in The Flash). Remember how deadly the duo was, think about this one. Also, he can time travel.

2nd Round Pick: Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask)


If you can swallow a bomb, have a whole lot of guns in your pockets, rob a big bank alone and can freak the hell out of you neighbour aunt and have a gut to do good, any evil will fear you.

3rd Round Pick: Rocket Raccoon


A master of Weapons and Quickness, he can be a real pain in the ass. His and The Mask's duo would make an awesome pair. Don't forget his Smartness and his Claws & Fangs. Ouch!


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