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There once was a girl named Sofia. One night, she was brushing out her hair and then she just went to bed. That night, a nun named Mary got into her house and walked through Sofia's bedroom door. She stood up right next to Sofia's bed and killed herself but with no sound. Mary's soul buried her own body on Sofia's garden. When she was done, she went back into Sofia's room and hid the knife under her bed and walked right in to Sofia's mirror and stayed there. Sofia woke up the next day and got ready while Mary watched her. She went to school and had a normal day. When she got homr, she played and ate dinner and started to get ready for bed. She started to brush out her hair and went to bed. Later that night, Mary walked out of Sofia's mirror and killed her with the exact same knife Mary used to kill herself and just left Sofia's dead body lying in her bed but keeps the same knife with her all the time. 52 years later, nobody had been living in that house since Sofia got murdered exept for 52 years later, a family of four moved into that house with all the exact same furniture. A little girl name Kate decided that Sofia's old room would be her's. That night everyone was in bed and Mary came out of the mirror and killed Kate. Her mom and dad came rushing in and saw the weird looking spirt. They decided to call her Bloody Mary because of the harm she had done to one of their children. From there on to now, people think Bloody Mary is a myth, but that's not true. Never ever go into a dark bathroom with a lit candle and spin around three times and say, " Bloody Mary, is your name, please appear and play this game. For the wish we ask of you, you must make it now cpmer true. Once this wish has been revealed, can't turn back its fade is sealed. In return for what you give, we will let your spirt live. " This is because she always does the opposite of what you say even when it is a bad thing, she will make it in her own way. So each time you do it, she gets even bigger and scarier so back off of ANY possible Bloody Mary chant.


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