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I love horror and superhero films, i gotta say im gonna be keeping 100% truth so no hate!!! I love all type's of movies but the tea wont be

Okay so holy crap!! in the last few days so much has came to light but it's leaving GIANT HOLES EVERYWHERE!!! My name is Pual and today we are gonna talk about the death of SUPERMAN. We all know that Doomsday is suppose to kill superman but here is the twist in the trailer its rumored that Wonder Woman is fighting Doomsday in the split second of the video

But the question which is all on our mind how is Doomsday suppose to kill Superman when their is a new Justice League movie into works. If Superman dies does that mean no Superman in the new Justice League movie? Unless BVS is set in a different time lap than Justice League? So the question is who kills Superman? Go ahead and vote down here!!!


Who kills Superman in B.V.S?

You guy's are probably wondering why i put suicide squad, the reason for that is because..... SPOILER ALERT

The Joker and Harley Quinn kills Robin in Suicide Squad.

R.I.P Robin.

So could that be the reason that Batman himself was on top of the Joker's and Harley's get away ride in S.S Trailer? ALSO could that be the reason why Batman is going after Superman? In Guilt that he didn't save Robin? So he feels obligated to take Superman out all because of what the Joker and Harley did? Thing's are getting intense since S.S and B.V.S is both connected so could this mean we might possibly be seeing some cameo from S.S into the B.V.S: Dawn Of Justice movie!!! With time winding down we shall find out soon enough! Don't forget to hit that share button!


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