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I love horror and superhero films, i gotta say im gonna be keeping 100% truth so no hate!!! I love all type's of movies but the tea wont be

We lived in the murder house, we escape the asylum, we protected the coven, we attended the freak show and now we stay at the hotel. As things seem to get a little more crazier in the all notorious AHS franchise they topped it off by adding Mother Monster herself, yes LADY FUCKING GAGA, the queen of pop music and the LGBT community. Gaga has just got on set last week and already have been wooing the cast with her acting and idealistic skills for AHS and her character at that. There really isn't much we know about Gaga's character besides her name is Elizabeth, she owns the hotel and she is a love triangle with like 15 people hahaha, but no really she is in a love triangle with Angela Basset's character also Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock! Damn Gaga i see you girl.

So far we know that Matt And Gaga have a murder scene together and it gets BLLOODDDYYYYYY, but also has some hella spicy run in's with her long life Enemy played by Naomi Campbell. Naomi's chracter is still not being talked about but so far all we know is that her and Gags character have a really long history together and a history we are ready to see take over AHS.

Sorry for the hype but it's time to crush, Naomi Campbell Gets Six-Month Suspended Prison Sentence for Assault on Paparazzo in Sicily back in 2009, which could mean that she might not be going head to head with Gaga. But the legal issue is still in process and they are hoping to-do a appeal for Naomi so we can still get that Gaga x Naomi slayagae we have been dying and waiting for!

American Horror Story: Hotel checks in October 7.


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