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Maybe it's just me, but since I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, I often find myself watching other characters from my favourite movies and sorting them into the Hogwarts houses. Just me? Yeah I guessed as much.

If I was the Sorting Hat, this is how I would sort some of our favourite Disney characters:


Gryffindor traits include bravery, chivalry and determination. They are daring and can sometimes be known to be brave to the point of recklessness and can be short-tempered. But mostly, the Gryffindor house is filled with courageous characters, such as our favourites Harry, Ron and Hermione. Here's who I think would make it into Gryffindor and why:


Pinocchio is a Gryffindor because he doesn't think before he does something, which makes him a little reckless. He sacrificed himself to save his father Gepetto from the whale and wants to make his father proud of him. Pinocchio starts off a little like a naughty child, reminding me of a younger James Potter or Sirius Black. But he is willing to learn from his mistakes once he realises the error of his ways. I think Pinocchio is a Gryffindor.


You may be surprised to see Gaston here, and so am I - but when I think about it Gaston belongs in Gryffindor. He is all about looking brave and committing courageous acts such as "slaying the beast" and winning Belle so that she will marry him. He's desperate to look like he's the best and he does this by trying to appear strong and heroic. But he is selfish and puts himself first like some Slytherins. Maybe he's a Gryfferin!


Hercules is incredibly brave and is all about proving himself. He is a good, strong man who will do the right thing and wants to be a hero. He wants to fight and protect people. I think he would be in Gryffindor because he is chivalrous.


I am a proud Hufflepuff! Hufflepuffs value honest traits such as hard work, patience, fairness and loyalty, and they are "unafraid of toil." Hufflepuffs are known to be modest and their most prominent trait is kindness. Examples of Hufflepuffs are Cedric Diggory and Tonks. What Disney characters make it into Hufflepuff?


Cinderella values kindness the most. She is kind and unselfish to the mice and is incredibly accepting. She is never mean to her step-mother or step-sisters even though they are mean to her. She follows her heart and is a hard-working, sweet girl despite what life throws at her. I think she would be in Hufflepuff.


I was unsure where to put Aurora, but like Cinderella she follows her heart, is kind and hard-working and what made me finally decide that she was definitely a Hufflepuff was the way she is with animals. She doesn't seem to seek credit for her actions and love seems important to her - she wants to find the one as demonstrated in the song "Once Upon a Dream". I think the kind and loving Aurora would be a Hufflepuff.


I almost placed Ariel in Gryffindor because of her reckless behaviour when leaving the sea to become human and live on land. But would the way she thinks make her a Ravenclaw? She's different to everyone else and in her own world. But she is kind to others, led by love and is a very friendly person. When watching the way she is with friends such as Flounder she reminds me of Aurora and Cinderella, but a more out-going version of them. Ariel was difficult for me to place, but with the help of my sister and fellow Potter-head, I've decided to put her in Hufflepuff.


Ravenclaws are witty, wise, and have a thirst for knowledge. They're academic and their thoughts and ideas are original. Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang are Ravenclaws. This is who I think would be in Ravenclaw too:


Belle loves to read, is intelligent, and the way she acts and thinks is not quite like everyone else. I see wit in her when she interacts with Gaston - she is not interested in him and knows how to put him in his place. I think because of her thirst for knowledge, she would be at the top of her class if she attended Hogwarts. She reminds me of Hermione, which almost made me put her in Gryffindor, but I think Belle is more quirky than Hermione, and bravery is more important to Hermione than books and cleverness. I think Belle values kindness and wisdom which motivates her to do things. She is wise and kind because it's the right way to act - for example, she took her father Maurice's place in the Beast's castle because she is kind-hearted, and it was the most logical and sensible way to get her father released. She didn't think of it as brave. I think Belle is a Ravenclaw, or maybe a Ravendor!


Alice is curious, in her own world and very imaginative. She is different and smart and she reminds me of Luna Lovegood. Luna is in Ravenclaw for the same reasons, so I think Alice would join her at the Ravenclaw table. I did think Alice might be in Gryffindor because of the things she does in her dream - but this is not her, this is what she's thinking about in her sleep. We don't see much of Alice when she is awake and being herself, but she has ideas and theories that she tries to explain to Dino her cat so I think - because she daydreams so much and has big ideas - Alice would be in Ravenclaw.


Jane has a thirst for knowledge and learning and she loves to explore. She is in the jungle to research and learn. She's a little like Belle because she is kind and wise. She was too easy to place - I think she's definitely a Ravenclaw.


Slytherins are cunning, resourceful, ambitious and make good leaders. They want to achieve and are all about self-preservation and protecting those closest to them. Examples of Slytherins are Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. Who else will join them?


He is all about self gain and would put himself before overs. He wouldn't put himself in danger and thinks about how things would benefit him - for example he makes money out of Pinocchio and the other puppets for himself. He is cunning in the way he goes about things and mainly shows traits of self-preservation. He seeks achievement too - he wants to make loads of money from his puppet show. I think he would definitely be a Slytherin.

Emperor Kuzco

He only thinks about himself. He also exhibits a lot of Slytherin traits: self-preservation, resourcefulness and is a leader (although I don't think he's a good leader!) An unmistakable Slytherin.


Jasmine does what's right for the people closest to her. She is stubborn and believes she knows best. She protects herself and her own people and would make a good strong leader. Justice is more important to her than kindness, and only she and her own people matter - which is what makes her a good leader of her kingdom in a way. Jasmine is good and kind and she shows us all that not all Slytherins are bad!

What do you think? I found some of these tricky to place. Maybe you think they belong to different houses? Let me know in the comments!

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