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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is the movie everyone must be talking about all the time, night in, night out and maybe even when there IS no one to talk with. If you haven't already guessed, I won't tell you (the title of this post must have given it away). We have only had a few glimpses at the movie yet, 'most of it through the two trailers that Warner Bros. have released (and for the record, they are AWESOME), so we don't have a clear glimpse at the plot just yet.

But there have been a gazillion set pictures and the like released on the internet since production. These help in giving a loose idea of what the story is all about. So I thought one day "What if I actually try to piece together a coherent story from all this?". After a lot of research and taking notes and the like, I have managed to piece together a story that I hope will entertain people too excited to wait for the actual movie (like me) . It might even end up being kind of close to the actual movie itself.

SPOILER WARNING : Those who want to not spoil even a little of the actual movie should stop reading from this moment.

1) Batman's nightmare

The film begins with Bruce Wayne lying in bed having a nightmare. It starts with young Bruce Wayne walking down the street with his parents. They have stepped out of a theatre playing 'The Mark of Zorro'. The boy is excitedly jumping about and imitating the titular masked hero Zorro. Suddenly, they are confronted by a mugger who demands that the lady hand over her pearl necklace. A struggle ensues, resulting in both of them dead. The young Bruce Wayne is left orphaned and crying alone on the street, classic Batman style.

The scene shifts to the future where Barbara Gordon (played by Jena Malone) is shown to be sitting alone in her room when she hears a knock on the door. She opens it to find the Joker standing outside wearing a hat and holding a gun in his hand. He smiles at her sadistically and shoots her in the thighs. She falls backwards, very injured.

The final scene in the nightmare is a scene with Joker and Robin (Jason Todd) alone in a warehouse. Robin is severely injured and lying on the ground, bleeding in several places. Joker says something along the lines of ' I don't think Bats is coming along anytime soon. Let's just finish this.' (Pretty sure the actual dialogue will be way better). He raises the crowbar he is holding and the scene illustrated above happens.

At this point, Batman wakes up sweating and terrified. He sits still for some time, contemplating about it. He then lies down and tries to coax himself into an uneasy sleep.

2) Bruce Wayne at Metropolis

The next morning, Bruce is in Metropolis for a business meeting. As he steps out of the Wayne tower , he is caught in the battle of Metropolis that is going on at that time. He is not aware of this, noticing utter chaos everywhere as people run helper skelter . He receives a call from someone in the the tower who tells him about some sort of battle between two superpower end aliens. It is Dick Grayson, the first robin turned Nightwing. As he is informing Bruce to leave the city for his own safety, the latter notices Wayne tower destroyed by someone's heat vision. At that moment, the caller is seemingly killed even as Bruce repeatedly screams his name. He runs into the ensuing dust cloud in an attempt to somehow still save Dick.

He notices a little girl frozen to the same spot in fear, saving her from some falling rubble just in time. He holds her closer to himself as he stares angrily at the sky.

3) Superman's trial

Soon after the battle of Metropolis, we see the front of the court where Superman lands and is greeted by a huge crowd of haters. He goes in and attends his trial for the destruction of Metropolis. The judge declares him guilty. He is sentenced to doing work for the government. In all the assembled people in the hearing, Diana (Wonder Woman) is intently watching the whole thing unfold.

4) Bruce Wayne in Gotham

Meanwhile in Gotham, Bruce is sitting on his couch and watching the whole thing unfold. He switches channels, but everywhere it is the same except in a few where people are heatedlty debating on Superman. In one Lex Luthor and Lois Lane are in one such debate. He lingers for a while and ultimately changes the channel. Picking up a newspaper on the table he looks at it, only to see 'You let your family die written on it' . Getting up suddenly, he switches off the TV and walks away. He enters the Batcave through a secret door. Alfred follows him and finds him staring at his batsuit. As that happens we see a flashback to Dick Grayson's funeral. Bruce is interrupted in his thoughts by Alfred asking him what he thought of this 'Superman' character. He says that he thinks he is a good man, trying to help the world in his own way. Bruce says that he does'nt feel the same way. He says that he saw what Superman was capable of as he was present during the Battle of Metropolis. He is not willing to trust the world in his hands.

Bruce says that if he decides to use his powers for evil, there would be no one to stop him. He blames him for Dick's death and that he would never forgive him for that. He says that the same thing happened to Jason Todd, who was killed because he did not reach him in time. He says that he will not allow the same to happen to the people of earth. At that moment, Batman makes up his mind about destroying Superman. And no one can stop him, even Alfred.

This is how the seeds are sown for the greatest brawl in cinematic history.

That's for part 1. If you liked it, please leave a comment below. Even if you DIDN'T like it, PLEASE leave a comment down below outlining my faults so I can improve on it in part 2. Thanks for reading and do be back for part 2. The story'll get a lot more interesting then with the introduction of the main antagonist of the film...

P.S : No prizes for guessing who!


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