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Both of these characters are the best at what they do. One is the best law enforcer out there, and the other is the most skilled Bounty Hunter in the galaxy, but who would come out on top in a battle to the death. Lets find out.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is without a doubt the greatest Judge out there in the post apocalyptic world known as Earth. What is a Judge? A Judge is basically the Judge, Jury, and Executioner out there in the chaotic world. They decide your fate based on the crimes you have committed, and Dredd is the best at it, but what makes him so exceptionally skilled at his job? Lets find out.


  • Master Strategist- Judge Dredd is a master strategist, being able to escape inescapable situations successfully without showing a sign of fear.
  • Incredible Hand to Hand Combatant- Judge Dredd is an incredible hand to hand combatant, having once gone up against Batman and the Predator, managing to hold his own in each encounter.
  • Peak Human Conditioning- Judge Dredd is at the peak of human conditioning, shown as he has been a Judge for over 70 years and still performs incredible feats.
  • Master Marksman- Judge Dredd's skills with firearms are extraordinary, which combined with his vat amount of gear and ammunition, makes him a deadly opponent.
  • Standard Judge Armor- Judge Dredd possesses the stationary armor given to all Judges, giving him protection against bullets, knives, blunt weapons, etc.
  • Lawmaster- Judge Dredd possesses a Motorcycle that possesses Artificial Intelligence, allowing it to drive by itself, many Twin Machine Guns, a Laser, and can fire Stun Gas Grenades.
  • Lawgiver- Judge Dredd possesses the firearm known as the Lawgiver. The Lawgiver is a multipurpose firearm with different types of ammunition to choose from. It also possesses a security system, which causes it to explode in the hands of anybody who isn't Dredd.
  • Standard Execution- These rounds are standard bullets in the Lawgiver, nothing special.
  • Heat Seeker- These bullets are heatseeking, meaning they lock onto the targets heat signature and follow them, perfect for hitting fleeing foes.
  • Ricochet- These bullets are coated in rubber, allowing them to ricochet around many substances to hit the target.
  • Incendiary- These rounds set the target on fire.
  • Armor Piercing- These rounds are more dense and provide more power, allowing it to pierce even the most dense materials effortlessly.
  • Hi Ex- These rounds, aka High Explosive, are explosive rounds, detonating into big explosions when in contact with the target.
  • Grenades- Judge Dredd possesses standard grenades given to him as a Judge,
  • Stuns- Along with the Grenades, Judge Dredd is given stun grenades as well.
  • Daystick- A large melee weapon used to bludgeon foes brutally.
  • Knife- Judge Dredd also possesses a combat knife for melee combat.
  • First Aid Kit- Judge Dredd possesses a small kit with unique tools that allows him to close and heals open wounds perfectly in a short matter of time.

Alright, we have what Judge Dredd is capable of, lets check out his opponent.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is regarded as the greatest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy. Having killed other bounty hunters to Jedi and Siths, Boba Fett is a deadly foe who will kill anyone or anything. However, one needs to have a certain set of skills to gain such a reputation, so lets look over the bounty hunter known as Boba Fett.


  • Master Strategist- Being a Bounty Hunter in a world full of Siths and Jedi who have mastery over the force, Boba needed to think as smart as someone could to take out such powerful opponents, and he has on multiple occasions.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant- Boba has taught himself and others in the art of fighting. While he mainly doesn't rely on his hand to hand combat skills much, mainly due to him being a gunman, Boba is still pretty skilled.
  • Skilled Lightsaber Duelist- Boba Fett has taken multiple lightsabers from the many Jedi he has killed, and has trained himself to use the weapon to impressive proficiency. He once held his own against Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle, twice.
  • Master Marksman- Boba Fett is a master with a blaster rifles, allowing him to take out highly trained Jedi with ease.
  • Mandalorian Armor- Boba Fett possesses Mandalorian Space Armor, made of Mandalorian Iron. This suit of armor gives him incredible durability, but slows him down dramatically. The Mandalorian Iron allows Boba Fett to withstand blows from Lightsabers and Blaster Lasers, also providing him with a micro energy field for an added layer of protection. His helmet gives him a 360 degree field of vision. His armor however has small openings with cloth, like in his joints, leaving him vulnerable in those spots for attack.
  • Wrist Gauntlets- Boba Fett possesses Wrist Gauntlets with many different weapons, including fiber cord whips to attract and grapple items, Flamethrowers, Stun and Concussive Rockets, and a Wrist Laser.
  • Blaster Rifle- Boba Fett possesses his signature Blaster Rifle which he uses to take out targets at a medium to long range distance.
  • Blaster Pistol- A Small sidearm used by Boba for short range encounters.
  • Concussion Grenade Launcher- A Grenade Launcher used to fire concussion grenades to stun and disorient opponents, while also applying slight blunt damage.
  • Jetpack- Boba Fett possesses a Jet Pack used to fly and hover in the air for a limited amount of time, around a minute at most, but what it lacks in time, it makes up for in speed, being able to reach speeds of 90 miles per hour. This gives Boba an advantage over his opponents and makes up for his lack of mobility and speed due to his heavy armor. The Jetpack also possesses many weapons.
  • Anti Homing Rocket- A rocket used to attack and lock onto large vehicles, putting them in an explosive fiery demise.
  • Magnetic Grappling Hooks- This allows Boba to grapple himself onto ledges or other objects out of reach.

Alright, now we know what each character brings to the table, its time to decide, who reigns supreme in the ring of BATTLE ARENA.


(Boba Fett's Space ship is seen landing in front of a Judge Station in Mega City One. Boba exits the ship and looks around at the amount of homeless people there are. He looks over and sees many Judges approaching him. Boba quickly shoots them with his Blaster Rifle, knocking them off their Lawmaster Motorcycles. One Judge manages to crawl away and call for backup, but is shot in the back of the head by Boba and his Blaster Pistol. Boba then hears another Judge and turns around, revealing Judge Dredd on his Lawmaster.)

Dredd: Possessing illegal weaponry and committing the murder of multiple Judges, you sir, are going to be given the death penalty.

(Judge Dredd pulls out his Lawgiver and aims it at Boba Fett.)

Boba: I killed your friends, now it's your turn.

(Boba aims his Blaster Rifle and fires it at Judge Dredd, who tucks and rolls away, avoiding getting hit. Judge Dredd fires Standard bullets at Boba Fett, who is unfazed by the bullets. Judge Dredd is then struck in the shoulder by a laser blast fired by Boba. Judge Dredd gets up and runs to cover while Boba keeps his rifle aimed down in Dredd's direction. Judge Dredd tosses a Stun Grenade, which temporarily blinds Boba Fett, allowing Judge Dredd to aim his Lawgiver and shoot Boba Fett multiple times. Boba is hit multiple times, but the bullets failed to penetrate his armor, allowing Boba Fett to fire a wrist mounted rocket at Judge Dredd, blasting him into a car.)

Dredd: Armor Piercing Rounds!

(Judge Dredd's Lawgiver changes its ammunition to Armor Piercing Rounds. Judge Dredd then shoots Boba Fett in the leg then shoulder, knocking him back and immobilizing him slightly. Boba slowly gets up.)

Boba: Interesting.

(Boba quickly aims his Blaster Rifle at Judge Dredd, who shoots Boba in the gut. Boba, whose armor still succeeds in protecting him, falls down, due to the bullets still inflicting pain on him. Judge Dredd then shoots Boba in the head, denting his helmet, but failing to penetrate it. Boba fires another wrist mounted rocket at Judge Dredd, then flies in the air with his jet pack, firing his blaster rifle at Dredd. Judge Dredd dodges the rocket, then runs away, avoiding Boba's blaster lasers. Judge Dredd fires his Lawgiver multiple times, only for Boba to fly away with his Jetpack. Boba lands on the ground and shoots Judge Dredd in the leg with his Blaster Rifle, forcing Judge Dredd to jump behind a car and uses it as cover. Boba Fett pulls out his Concussion Grenade Launcher and fires it beside the car Dredd is hiding behind, stunning Judge Dredd. Boba uses his Jetpack to boost himself towards the stunned Judge Dredd, shooting him in the chest with his Blaster Rifle. Judge Dredd recuperates and runs into Boba, smashing him into a wall. Judge Dredd punches him multiple times, only for Boba to shoot Judge Dredd in the chest with his Blaster Pistol. Judge Dredd is slightly protected by his armor, allowing him to jam his elbow into Boba's head, knocking him onto the ground, allowing Judge Dredd to kick Boba in the gutt. Boba rolls onto his feet and uses his Jetpack to fly into Judge Dredd, smashign him through a wall and into an abandoned building. Boba Fett flies in the air and fires 2 wrist mounted rockets at Judge Dredd, blowing him into a wall. Judge Dredd recuperates.)

Judge Dredd: Heat Seeker!

(Judge Dredd fires his Lawgiver, with the bullets seeking into Boba's cloth covered openings on his armor, hitting him in his arm and leg. Boba Fett lands and takes cover as he inspects his wounds.)

Boba: Dammit.

(Judge Dredd keeps his Lawgiver aimed forward and slowly walks over to Boba's direction. Boba quickly gets up and fires his wrist mounted fiber cords at Judge Dredd, ensnaring him. This allows Boba to quickdraw his Blaster Rifle and fire it at Judge Dredd, who runs away despite his arms being ensnared. Judge Dredd is shot in the back but takes cover behind a nearby pillar. Judge Dredd cuts through the wire with his knife and frees himself, but looks over and is kicked in the face by Boba Fett, who flew towards him with his Jet Pack. Boba Fett kicks Judge Dredd in the face and shoots him in the chest with his Blaster Pistol, only for Judge Dredd to quickly fire his Lawgiver, hitting Boba Fett in his knee where there is cloth, not armor. Boba Fett crouches down in pain, allowing Judge Dredd to run and slam his knife into one of Boba Fett's cloth openings. Boba Fett yells in pain and headbutts Judge Dredd. Boba Fett fires his flamethrower at Judge Dredd, setting him ablaze.)

Dredd: Incendiary!

(Judge Dredd fires multiple Incendiary rounds at Boba Fett, setting him on fire as well. The 2 leave eachother where they extinguish the flames on them. Judge Dredd is seen in more pain than Boba due to his armor not being as heat resistant as Boba's. Judge Dredd uses his Medical Kit to heal the spots on his body that were affected by the flames mostly. Boba Fett then aims his Concussion Grenade Launcher and fires it towards Judge Dredd's direction, only for Judge Dredd to roll away, allowing him to run towards Boba Fett, avoiidng his consecutive grenades being fired at him. Judge Dredd then rolls towards Boba and shoots him with 3 incendiary rounds.)

Dredd: Armor Piercing!

(Judge Dredd shoots Boba Fett multiple times, knocking him back, then throws him into the ground. Judge Dredd rolls a grenade towards Boba Fett, blowing him out of the building. Boba Fett gets up, only to see Judge Dredd.)

Dredd: Hi Ex.

(Judge Dredd fires a High Explosive round at Boba Fett, blasting him across the street into another building. Judge Dredd aims his Lawgiver down towards Boba's direction. A wrist mounted rocket flies out of the shadows and nearly hits Judge Dredd, blasting him away. Judge Dredd gets up, only to see Boba Fett flying onto a rooftop.)

Dredd: Oh no you don't.

(Dredd's Lawmaster approaches Dredd, who gets on it and drives after Boba Fett, who is using his Jetpack combined with parkour moves to travel from rooftop to rooftop. Boba sees that Dredd is following him, so he hovers down. Judge Dredd fires his Twin Machine Guns on his motorcycles at Boba Fett, hitting him multiple times, but Boba is protected by his armor. Boba Fett then fires his Anti Homing Rocket at Judge Dredd, blowing up the Lawmaster, senidng Judge Dredd flying into the air. Boba Fett grabs him and crashes him into the ground. Boba Fett punches Judge Dredd multiple times, only for Judge dredd to sweep kick Boba Fett, knocking him onto the ground. Boba Fett pulls out his blaster pistol, only to get blown away by Judge Dredd and his Lawgiver, which is still firing Hi Ex rounds. Boba Fett gets up and tosses his destroyed pistol aside, then flies in the air, avoiding Judge Dredd's Hi Ex rounds.)

Dredd: Ricochet.

(Judge Dredd fires multiple rounds, with the bullets ricocheting all over the place, hitting Boba Fett in his armor and clothed openings. Boba Fett flies to the ground and struggles to stand due to his injuries, only to get whacked in the face by Judge Dredd and his Daystick, knocking Boba Fett onto the ground. Boba Fett fires his flamethrower at Judge Dredd, who swings his daystick into Boba's arm, knocking it away. Judge Dredd then swings his Daystick up into the air and down onto Boba's gut. Boba grabs the stick and kicks Judge Dredd in the face. Boba gets up and kicks Judge Dredd in the face, then swings Dredd's won Daystick into Dredd's face. Judge Dredd gets up and punches Boba Fett many times, forcing Boba Fett to grab Judge Dredd's Lawgiver out of his holster, but as he is about to shoot it at Dredd, it explodes, blowing up Boba's hand. Boba yells in pain as he is whacked in the face. Boba quickly draws out his lightsaber and swings it at Judge Dredd, who backs away. Judge Dredd takes his Daystick and pulls out his knife, while Boba Fett swings his lightsaber at Judge Dredd, who dodges the swing and hits Boba with his daystick. Boba then swings his lightsaber around, cutting straight through Dredd's daystick. Boba swings his lightsaber at Dredd's stomach, only for Dredd to step back, resulting in only his armor getting cut. This gives Judge Dredd the chance to run and tackles into Boba Fett, smashing him onto the ground, where Judge Dredd slams his knife into the cloth opening on Boba's neck over and over again, spewing blood everywhere, killing Boba Fett.)

Dredd: Your sentence begins now.

(Dredd spits on Boba's body and limps away.)

Winner = Judge Dredd

Reason: Boba Fett does possess the better armor and weaponry, but Judge Dredd has way more experience and is the better fighter. Also, Judge Dredd can tank and counter everything Boba has to offer. Both of these 2 are highly intelligent and strategic, but Dredd's more experience gives him the advantage, allowing him to work around and counter Boba's weaponry, and will soon realize that Boba is a long distance opponent, meaning Dredd will need to get up close, and once he does, Judge Dredd's superior fighting skill will allow him to weaken Boba. While Boba will put up one hell of a fight, to the point of being one of Dredd's most deadly opponents ever, Judge Dredd has faced many opponents similar to Boba, and has come out on top. Judge Dredd's superior strategic mind, years of experience and fighting skills will allow him to find an opening in Boba's assault and weaponry, allowing him to gain the edge, and eventually, the victory. The Winner is Judge Dredd.





Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed this. Please stick around for the next one coming soon. Thank you!


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