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Jeffrey Lambrechts as a WereHyena/Beta
Jeffrey Lambrechts as a WereHyena/Beta
Gregg Sulkin as a Werewolf/Beta
Gregg Sulkin as a Werewolf/Beta
Ross Lynch as a Were-Coyote/Beta
Ross Lynch as a Were-Coyote/Beta
Zayn Malik as a Werewolf/Beta
Zayn Malik as a Werewolf/Beta
Maia Mitchel as a Werewolf/Beta
Maia Mitchel as a Werewolf/Beta
Lucy Hale as a WereWolf/Beta
Lucy Hale as a WereWolf/Beta


Jake T. Austin? (Born 1994), he looks young and has this face, i would totally want him as a WereWolf.

Jeffrey Lambrechts? (Born 1999), He Looks 18 Years old. But he has been dying to become an actor. But he is from Belgium, and doen't know how to try. I Would love to see him getting better and become a part of Teen Wolf.

Gregg Sulkin? (Born 1992), He would slay it as a werewolf, again. He goes from show to show, and he builds his carreer up. He can become a hell of a TV Actor.

Ross Lynch? (Born 1995), On Austin & Ally you can definitly see he is a better actor than the others. Even on Teen Beach movie he seems to be better than Maia Mitchell. He also could be this boy, long haired cool werewolf.

Zayn Malik? (Born 1993), The Rumours and pictures are going all over the internet. Even Teen Wolf and MTV Have been tweeting Zayn's Gif. It would be good for him to.

Maia Mitchell? (Born 1993), She looks a little like Shelley Hennig, and would be great as a related person to Malia. Her acting skills are in the clouds in The Foster. But in Teen Beach she goes a little under.

Lucy Hale? (Born 1989), She looks 17, but then again her acting skills are in the TOP 5 of PLL. So yeah she would be amazing, and off course Cody Christian can talk her into it too.

My PLL Acting TOP 10: (That aren't older than 30)

1- Janel Parrish

She plays this bully in season 1, But later she plays thi crazy, smart, stupid, criminal, suspicious, and more, so she changes a lot, but slays it very good.

2- Sasha Pieterse

When she was just 13, she slayed her audition. But she definitly did a great job at playing older. And she slays it as a badgirl and goodgirl.

3- Drew Van Acker

U don't see the difference between somebody doing what he does in real life than him in PLL. Why isn't he my number 1 or 2? Because he never really changes.

4- Cody Christian

When i see people on Teen Wolf saying he isn't a good actor and they just casted him because he's good looking. I laughed my ass off. He slays it on PLL Every time. As a sweet brother to BadBoy to Idiot and Stupid to Crybaby to Suspicious to being normal. Every season he bring something to the cast. In 6B? He can totally slay it. He would be arround 21 (The character MIKE)

5- Lucy Hale

Why? She always plays it a little suspicious and sometimes she plays angry and sad and she does it so well.

6- Troian Bellisario

Why? In season 1 & 2A I was like can she act? But she got better and better and in Season 4 she played her role amazing, but in 5B She had to change her role and she got me thrilled a bit but no, she did it amazing and she keeps going better and is going to become a star.

7- Ashley Benson

Why? She was definitly in my TOP 3 the 2 first seasons. But she never changes. She has this angry, goodgirl style that never really changes. Even in Spring Breakers she has that role, so yeah she got down, but she definitly is a great actress.

8- Keegan Allen

Why? In season 1 & 2 He was my number 4, he got up and down, but after him being the creepy suspicious guy he became sweet and in the beginning he didn't really do it well. But he also wasn't bad, but he is slaying it again so he got back up.

9- Tyler Blackburn

Why? He also never changes, not in Ravenswood, in nothing, he is a great actor, in Season 1 & 2 He needed some work, but he got it and he deserved the role in Ravenswood too. I like his acting and he deserves his place.

10- Ian Harding

Why? He is a great actor and deserves a place in the Top 10. But then again he always plays suspicious and nice. So he doesn't go up.

Lindsey Shaw, Dre Devis, Shay Mitchell, Brendan Robinson, ... Are also great actors.

Julian Morris is older than 30, but would be in my top 5 And would replace Lucy Hale's place, because he is a great actor.

In TEEN WOLF my top 10 would be: (That Play Teenagers)

1- Dylan O'Brien

He slays every role, nogitsune, mad, sad, sarcastic, scared, everything he does turns in gold.

2- Daniel Sharman

Why isn't he in big movies? He plays his roles so nice, he never changes in Teen Wolf, but in The Originals, Drone, ... He definitly is different, so he does a great job.

3- Colton Haynes

He got from Teen Wolf to a bigger crowd on Arrow. He played the I don't care boy 2 Season, but on Arrow he was very different.

4- Tyler Posey

He was always a normal actor, but in Season 5 he can definitly enter the Top 2.

5- Shelley Hennig

She definitly has experience, she slays her role.

6- Cody Christian

You can say what u want, his badboy role fits him amazing.

7- Holland Roden

8- Dylan Sprayberry

9- Crystal Reed

10- The Carver Twins


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