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Since time travel is now a big part of the DCTV shows like The Flash, chances are we'll be seeing Booster Gold in the near future. I mean, what's the point of introducing this aspect if we're not going to see everyone's favorite wannabe superhero? I've decided to pick out 10 actors I would like to see play this role, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Eric Christian Olsen

He's blonde, he plays a cocky smart-ass perfectly, and he's so hilarious! Eric Christian Olsen would just have to be himself for this role, because he's got it all.

2. Jensen Ackles

No, Booster Gold.
No, Booster Gold.

Don't think about Jensen Ackles in the later seasons of Supernatural where he's dark and broody 24/7. Think about the wise cracking badass we fell in love with in the first season. That's the kind of Jensen Ackles we would get with Booster Gold. Just give him some blonde hair dye, and he would be perfect for the role!

3. Neil Patrick Harris

Tell me you wouldn't love it if Booster Gold was just Barney Stinson from the future. You can't, because it would be perfect! Harris has the right look, great acting skills, and is great superhero material! Even if it is just as kind of a joke.

4. Geoff Stults

Geoff Stults is another actor that is basically just Booster Gold in real life. He plays a cocky smart-ass in almost everything he's in, he has the build and look, and he's not doing so great in his career right now. He's naturally blonde, and he's got all the skills needed. Let's send him on his way already!

5. Alan Tudyk

While Alan Tudyk might seem like an older and less popular choice, is there really an age requirement for this character? I mean, what kind of action stunts would Booster Gold have to do? Alan still has his dashing good looks and charm at 44, and he's just waiting to hit the mainstream again! Everyone loved this guy through his run as Wash on Firefly, and we could very well love him again as Booster Gold.

6. Glenn Howerton

Glenn Howerton (Paul Rudd's illegitimate half-brother) is perfectly cutout for a role like Booster Gold. He plays a character that could much resemble his interpretation of Booster Gold on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and has the perfect look and level of fame for this role. While other actors from the show like Charlie Day have broken out into the mainstream, it seems that Glenn is mainly staying with his long running show, and could benefit from playing a character of this magnitude. The CW isn't the biggest network out there, but he would be apart of shows with an extremely loyal fan base, and that could go a long way for him. Look at what it did for the Amell cousins!

7. Joel McHale

Joel McHale is one of the only truly funny TV actors left in Hollywood, and has declined in fame in recent years enough to believe that he would take a CW role. While Community still has a large following, Joel has made his way out of the conventional TV and movie setting, and is perfectly suited for Booster Gold! He's naturally blonde, he's built like a brick house (that's always a plus when casting a superhero, though it's not really necessary for this character), and he can appeal to Booster's comedic side more than a regular TV star. McHale could give us a truly funny Booster Gold, and I think that's what we all want from the character!

8. Andy Samberg

Speaking of truly funny actors, Andy Samberg is back on TV with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and could make an amazing Booster Gold! This choice might be more of a wish than a possibility, but there's always a chance, right? He's not too far from a dark blonde, he's a great comedian, and he's staying in really good shape for his police comedy. If Samberg was given the role, I'm confident that it would be in good hands.

9. Will Arnett

From Batman to Booster Gold?
From Batman to Booster Gold?

Will Arnett is back on basic channel TV with his CBS show The Millers, and with DC delving their hands into this network, it could be believed that they would approach him for this role. He already has experience with DC, voicing Batman in The Lego Movie, and who wouldn't want to play a superhero? He could dye his hair to get a nice dirty blonde (not too far from what he has now), and he could be the best Booster Gold we've ever seen! And also the second Booster Gold we've ever seen!

10. Simon Baker

Simon Baker is probably the most serious actor on this list, yet he can have his funny moments. He's naturally blonde, an amazing actor, currently out of a job, and proved to be quite the joker on The Mentalist. While I would much rather see the role go to a full blown comedian, Jane...uh, I mean Baker could give us a Booster Gold we wouldn't soon forget. He's got the perfect look, and even serious actors can let themselves go every once in a while!


Who do you think would make the best Booster Gold?


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