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Being an avid horror lover, I'm always interested in how other writers and directors are able to handle the genre. Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Clive Barker are major players in the genre, however, there is always room for more. That being said, horror anthology films are a great way to give different writers and directors a shot at creating something unique for the genre. Having said that, I listed off my top 4 horror anthologies!

4. V/H/S

This particular anthology was definitely a throwback to v/h/s tapes. If you don't know what a videotape is then you are too young! The movie is made up of 5 shorts and a wraparound story. Each short has something to offer to a horror junkie such as gore, nudity, jump scares, etc. Although it may seem like a cliche found-footage film, the creative tricks that are within each short give the audience a breath of fresh air from the typical horror, found-footage movie. The movie spawned two sequels: V/H/S 2 and V/H/S: Viral.

3. ABCs of Death

One of my all time favorite anthology films, ABCs of Death is compiled of 26 short films that start with each letter of the alphabet. Each director is assigned a letter and they must create a short film about death based on the letter they are given. The concept itself is very interesting and the film delivers some of the most bizarre and funny stories I've ever seen. The wonderful thing about ABCs of Death is that if there is a short that you aren't interested in, it only lasts, at most, 5 minutes.

2. ABCs of Death 2

Sequels tend to not be as good as the original, however, ABCs of Death 2 delivers more of what the first one did. The creativity put into the shorts of this film are just as good as the first film. They might even be better. Both films stand together on the same level and should be watched with a large group of friends. For those of you that might be wondering, yes, you can easily turn these movies into drinking games.

1. Trick 'R Treat

My favorite horror anthology has to be the Halloween themed Trick 'R Treat. A movie about 4 stories being intertwined, the film takes the audience on a journey through what the holiday of Halloween is really about. With its practical effects, smart and slick dialogue, and its self-awareness, Trick 'R Treat is a movie that should be watched around the Halloween season every year. It has been said that there will be a sequel, but as of right now, no updates have been made. Hopefully some time soon though!


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