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Here we are for part 2 of our first XV Q&A:

  • Trey: The story?

Xing: The story is really about a man seeking to return something very important to his personal life. Amidst the warring turmoil around him, and his own personal redemption. Its based on things we as humans know and understand, human emotions set in this very fantasy backdrop.

Trey: The Inspiration?

Xing: Personal Experiences, and the kind of stories i want to see and read are not always out in comics. So i knew i would have to tell my own.

Trey: Plans for the future?

Xing: The main objective is to get it out out to readers in a much larger way. And the plan is to release it in as many formats as i can. A lot of planning is going on right now and i can't disclose those details yet. Further details will be coming soon, as well the official update on Aug 29th.

  • Kelly: What is your complete vision for this story? Is it partly being told in Comics, another story in Video games? Possibly movies? Or is it one whole Opus spanning hopefully multiple platforms?

Xing: Wonderful questions, the complete vision is to bring readers into a world so lifelike, and believable that it will impact their lives in some manner. Something that could help them and be a place they want to visit often to escape reality. I often think about Tolkien, or Homer and Campbell. I don't think they realized how much of an impact the tales they told would have people. And i want readers to enjoy this massive fantasy world and all it has to offer.

Right now doing the series as a comic is just the first step. The next steps whether it be a video game or animation or a film are all aspects I'm looking at. The full story would be told in that medium its presented in. Some aspects of the tale would only be told in certain formats depending what it was. And those would be special add on’s or details about something from that world.

  • Michael: Since when do you have the idea of the whole universe you are creating?

Xing: The concept for the story began 20 years ago, and over time it has become an entire world. Now it's so lifelike to me i can see it with my plain eyes no matter where i am in the world lol

Michael: How big is the universe without spoiling too much information? Will there be like 5 comic books, 10 comic books, 100 comic books, or even 1000 comic books?

Xing: This world is very, very large. To put it into perspective we know that Jupiter is the largest planet out of the 9. There world is 100,000 X’s larger than Jupiter. Just Ximphonic Versus alone main story consist of over 90 episodes.

Michael: Why are you such a grateful person?

Xing: My friend, in life we have so many things that can go wrong, and hurt us. We make mistakes, we hurt each other at times and ourselves. Yet despite all of that, look how many wonderful things can take place. And how amazing it is to see people bond over laughter and happy memories. And i think about all the wonderful and amazing people i have met from around the world. And all of you are such amazing people who take time and your hard earned money to believe in this project that i have been working on for half my life. At the end of the day the story will always be mine, but without people like you and the others, i'm no body. And its not that i'm somebody now because i'm not. I'm just a guy trying to tell my story and share it with anyone who wants to read it. I have so many things to be grateful for and you and everyone else are part of that reason my friend.

Thank you everyone who submitted questions! If you have questions you didn't get to ask, please do so at anytime. And be sure to check out the Official XV page on FB with all the latest updates, news, art and much more.
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