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Well as we all know that Scott Eastwood's role to play in the upcoming 2016 movie Suicide Squad is still unknown. So I am going to drag you step by step to his most likely role in the movie.

Before I start

I would like to let you know that Scotty's role is not your ordinary role. It would not have been kept a secrete if not. He comes third in the IMDB cast list for the movie. We can say he is a BIG DEAL. As the handsome actor said:

"Its WB's way of controlling their information"
"You will not see it coming"

And now, I am going to go from one role to another to prove or disprove it according to logic and what we already know:

1. Steve Trevor

Aka Wonder Woman's love bud. This role can be disproved easily after after Chris Pine being drawn for the role in the Wonder Woman movie.

So lets move on to our second guess,

2. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

Few people have been saying that he might be Hal Jordan because Eastwood's role is in the military. But Hal is in the US air force and been there since he was 18 and is not watching over a bunch of killers and psychos.

Moving on to the next interesting speculation.

3. The Fan-Favorite DEATHSROKE

The experienced professional martial artist, sharp marksman, and master assassin Slade Wilson.

It has been rumored that on Scott Eastwood's clothes on the set was a tag having S. Wilson on it. If that is true then the issue of his role would be closed. Only if it was not a rumor. This is the only thing we can say the comes in Deathstoke's way.

But there are many strong reasons why Scott Eastwood CANNOT be Slade Wilson.

a-Scott is too short for Deathstroke:

I mean c'mon. Deathstroke is a big guy. He's a Batman villian, right? So if he faces up against Affleck's Batman who is way taller than him. It would look really creepy and unusual.

b-Too young for Deathstroke:

As we know, Slade Wilson is an old experience fighter. Who's identity: Deathstoke has existed before even Bruce Wayne became Batman.

So if Slade existed in the same universe Batman does in. Eastwood being Wilson won't work. Whoever played Batman Arkham Origins would realize that.

c-He's a handsome dude:

Which contradicts with Slade Wilson's known looks. Slade Wilson is one-eyed with an ugly mouth, has long tied white hair and pale skin.

Scott in the movie has a good look, a groomed beard, and he doesn't quite look like a villain.


This picture is when Bruce Wayne was in his 20's. So what do you expect from Bruce Wayne being 46 in the DCEU?

If you're not convinced, please leave the post. Or you can carry on with me to the last and highly probable one.

4. Dick Grayson as Agent 37

I have a lot of interesting reasons why he is actually Dick Grayson.

As we saw Dick's tombstone in Wayne manor's where we read on it that he was born in 1982 and died in 2002. So by 2016, he would be 34. Which is logical because Dick is around 10 years younger than Bruce. And, indeed, in the comics dick does fake his early death to turn into a spy to collect information for Batman in Spyral. Agent 37 is a member in Spyral which is an UN agency which undergoes special operations and missions. Which is exactly the case in Suicide Squad where there is an agency controlling these villains to do missions required.

Scott Eastwood was seen in the trailer watching over those extraordinary people. So we can say that he is actually a member in that agency. And that makes complete sense, PEOPLE! Scott is young, handsome... who else can he be? Dick Grayson is one of DC's Hot Shots and Eastwood is one...

Some rumors were floating that Adam Driver is going to be Dick Grayson. But the actor denied that.


Perhaps Warner Brothers are hiding who Scott Eastwood will be playing because his role will be identified in the last moments of the movie. Maybe in the post-credit scene. So they hid the role since it would ruin the thrill in the movie. And it makes total sense! Yeah, maybe we'll see him returning to Batman after being exposed at some point in the movie. That would make an excellent part in the plot and people would really like that. I mean, what would he do as Slade Wilson?

Dick is a fan-favorite. Hopefully we will get to see him in perfect way.


Who will he play?


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