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In 2003, Brian Vaughan and Adrian Alphona introduced a new super-team in the Marvel world of comics. The initial line ran for 18 issues, with an incredible storytelling and artwork, and introducing a bunch of astounding new characters. Yes, those characters were teenagers, yes, they seemed pretty arrogant and stubborn (and let's face it, which teenager isn't?) but that was only part of what made this team and their story matter and make us fall in love with them.

Their story? Six offsprings of the villainous Californian cult called "The Pride", discover their parents' ways and decide to stand up to them, ran away from home and undo the evil their parents have caused.

I've assembled 5 reasons why Marvel needs to bring the Runaways in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4, whether through their own film or tv show.

There have been plans for a film for almost a decade, but production has been halted for whatever reasons. This is why that halt needs to be halted to bring us this amazing cast into our screens. Big or small.

1) It's a team assembled by a majority of girls.

Yes, not women, not men, not boys, but girls and if you don't like the idea they can show you what they think of your opinion.

We've got Nico, the daughter of wizards, with the magic staff that comes out of her body every time she cuts herself.

Then we have Karolina, an alien with sun powers and a colorful...expression.

Third girl member, Gertrude, a daughter of time travelers, with a sassy attitude towards adults and an unusual "pet".

The fourth member, Molly, is a 13-year-old mutant who possesses, besides a great youthful vibe, powers with quite the punch.

Chase, the first boy of the group, is the son of scientists and with a set of his own infernal tech.

And last, but not least, the leader of the group, Alex, son of mafia bosses and a genius. He inspires the team in more than one ways.

2) Their story is mixed with the pubescent angst, worries and fear of the adult world.

Instead of making a world full of amazing adult role-models, it creates a world where every grown-up they meet has messed everything up royally and the children, having a sense of righteousness, want to fix everything their predecessors deemed unimportant.

That has enough and necessary connotations to speak to and inspire today's youth.

3) It's got awesome character development.

All the characters start off insecure, uncertain of their powers and their ability to stop the evil their parents have spread. Heck, the youngest one didn't want to believe her parents were any bad in the beginning. And guess what? Molly was named the fourth toughest female in the Marvel Universe in 2009, taking a backseat only to Rogue, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. That's how far she's come.

She's even knocked Wolverine out.

Also, you remember Gertrude? Geeky girl with a dino-pet. Yeah, she became the leader of the Avengers in a different future. Which the teens had to change because a powerful guy turned evil and destroyed all superheroes. Yet Gertrude used her parents' time machine to go back in time and ask her younger self and her team to stop him. Yep. I'll let you take in how great this is.

Who doesn't want to see know-it-all children grow into powerful and interesting characters fighting the good fight?

4) Diversity. I haven't seen a more diverse group of teenagers in...forever.

The future generation, with all their differences uniting to fight the baddies and to save more villainous offsprings from the grasp of their evil parents. And I'm not talking feeble diversity like, oh there's an alien, and a green-colored creature. No, you have actual ethnicities represented, body types beyond the size zero with 32D cleavage, and even LGBT to add some measure. And the more I read of the series, the more I discover.

That inclusivity sure has its place in today's film and tv screens.

5) If depth, relatability, diversity and empowerment isn't enough to convince you, yes, there is action.

A cast of characters from the MU make their appearance from the series and even if they end up being your favorite villains or heroes, you still side with the Runaways, because they are the best super-team out there and they need their own film...or tv show. I'm not fussy. Just bring them out into the mainstream world, Marvel. We need them.


Would you like to see the Runaways in the MCU in Phase 4?

Rhys out, xXx


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