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Pure Cumberbitch!
Tom Burton

No it's not movie news, nor TV news, it is just a bit of fun for when life gets you down, so enjoy!

When the person you hate starts talking!

When the kids get hyper!

When you get a good grade for an exam you did not prepare for!

When your little sibling annoys you!

When you smell a silent fart!

How you feel on pay day!

When your mum makes a crap joke but you need money!

When you're getting roasted in a group chat!

Checking you bank account after a night out!

When the person you hate gets the wrong answer at school!

When you see free food at a wedding!

Realizing how long it will be until Season 6!

When your parents give you extra chores!

When you see your food coming in a restaurant!

How a great comeback feels!

When you walk out of your last exam!

When your friends cancel plans at the last minute!

When someone says they don't like Game of Thrones!

How you feel when your teacher gives you extra homework!

When you see your ex walking towards you!

When you accidentally open a message you weren't supposed to!

When you accidentally step on a Lego!

When someone starts snoring loudly!

When you hit your hip on a piece of furniture!

When your parents shout you down for dinner but the food is not ready!

How you feel just before you watch the Red Wedding again!

When you're watching Game of Thrones and someone changes the channel!

How you feel after studying for 5 minutes!

When you're at a family gathering!


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