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As horror fans, we all know that there are a few factors that play huge roles in how badly a film scares us. They include things such as:

  • being afraid of what the film boasts as its subject (spiders, demons, clowns, etc.)
  • jump scares (If, of course, you are afraid of jump scares...I am.)
  • gore factor

Among others, but most importantly:

  • music

Music makes a huge difference in the way we react to horror films. They build anticipation, and make us feel uneasy. had me cracking up today when I stumbled across one of their newest articles: Horror Movie Theme Songs Recreated in Major Key, and it's changing how I hear all of my favorite horror films. Yes, I said hear. Put on your listening ears, boils and ghouls!

Brain Damage (1988)
Brain Damage (1988)

According to the article, a man by the name of Ian Gordon at the YouTube channel Muted Vocal is recreating the themes of classic horror films in a major key, as opposed to a minor key.

For those of you that aren't sure what major and minor keys mean, what you need to know is that major keys make things sound much...brighter. Example: the theme to A Nightmare on Elm Street sounds like a children's toy that creates lullabies (WTF?), and the Jaws theme kind of sounds like the credits to a superhero film. (DOUBLE WTF?)

Would you like to hear for yourself? Here you go, I dare you not to laugh (or dance...). I think The X-Files theme is my favorite.

Plus, there's a sequel! Here it is for your listening pleasure:

Thank you, Muted Vocal and for making my day. Could you guys imagine walking into a horror film and hearing this music instead?! I think I'd want my money back.

While these major versions of your favorite horror themes may have you feeling peppy, remember: the original scores remind us of the horror of when we watched these films for the first time.

But you didn't come to read a horror article to feel peppy! To bring you back to the spooky side of things, put your headphones in, put your feet up, close your eyes, and enjoy my favorite horror score of all time: "Pool Party '66" from Sinister.

I'm hoping more of these videos come out with some other horror themes! Which others would you all like to hear?


What did you think of those tracks?


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