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Jasmyn Spann

Yup. It's Monday. Nothing fun ever happens on Mondays except for ! To get you out of that Monday slump, here are some pretty hilarious Harry Potter memes!

1. A cute(ish) one to start it off

2. This one to inspire your tunes for the morning drive

3. This epic three movie crossover meme

4. The question we've always wanted to ask

5. Good guy, Snape

6. Sassy Dumbledore

7. This awesome Mean Girls reference

8. We will NEVER let this one go

9. At least Jo felt some remorse

10. What Friday will feel like when it FINALLY comes

Well, I know Mondays are no fun, but hopefully these Harry Potter memes brightened it up just a little bit! Which meme was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Sources: Smosh, Tor


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