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Team Captain...
Black Widow

Black Widow is such a bad ass in the MCU. After seeing what she went throughout her life in "Avengers Age of Ultron" we see how brave and strong she is. She has so many talents such as being an amazing spy, a brilliant martial artist, an assassin and expert marksman. She is fluent in many languages, can hack into alot of computer systems and even tricked Loki while interrogating him. She also can get great ideas and lead.This is why she would be a great team leader

First Draft Pick is...


Gandalf is my first pick due to the fact that he is a powerful wizard. Even though it is a simple one he has the power of illumination and would help if they were in a dark place to light the way. He uses magical kinesis, the ability to push his foes back with his staff. (As shown on Saruman and Azog). He can call different animals to their aid, has his staff ,the sword of power counter spell, lighting strike and blinding light as well as other powers. This is why he would be a great addition.

Second Draft Pick is...

Ant Man

Ant Man is my next pick as with is ability to shrink and then aquiring super strength and speed he would help greatly. Also as he can communnicate with ants and he has expertise in electronics which would make him a great asset to have. With his help they would be able to pull amazing things off and give themselves a vicory

My final draft pick is...

Clary Fray

From the Mortal Instruments Clary Fray would be another brillian addition for many reasons. Because she is Nephilim she has great physical and mental abilitys. She can draw ruins that would give her different powers and help. Also because of the extra angel blood she has in her veins she can recreat even powerfuller ruins. She can also fight well due to being trained to fight as a shadowhunter.

So what do you think of my team. Sorry for the lack of pictures my laptop wont let me upload any...



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