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With the success of Game of Thrones in the last few years, George R.R Martin has provided us with an original and unexpected TV series that has been greatly loved all over the world! I am here to explain why the movie world may need to take a leaf out of his book (no pun intended)!

What Movies commonly do wrong!

A system that happens in most fantasy and action movies is that all the main characters get away too cleanly. Even though maybe some very small characters get injured, there are no stakes involved, no risk, because we know that they will be okay in the end, and because this happens, it becomes less relatable to the real-world, and therefore less engaging for the audience.

What George R. R. Martin does right!

After the first few season of Game of Thrones is released, we learned that George R.R has given us a very harsh and cynical world, that is filled with betrayal, heartbreak, and even the deaths of our favorite good guys. This is very similar to the real world in the sense that good guys don't always win and everyone has a mixture of good and bad in them.

What movies need to do!

Just to avoid the same, recycled formula, movies should start to grasp the idea that the heroes don't always get what they want. The hero does not have to die, but it would still be valuable to see the hero make the tough call, which I have never seen them do. Once they start going in this direction, then fans will start to see the stakes for what they are, and will enjoy it 10x more because there will be so much more emotion in it!


Would adding George RR Martin's approach benefit movies?


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