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The EDM crowd might want to check this out. The upcoming musical drama "We Are Your Friends" will be one of the many important films to come out this year. The reason for its importance is to assess if Zac Efron can still fill the seats in a theater. The movie itself is exploring a genre of music that has lost a bit of respect as a musical art form. The real question is can this movie make sweet music at the box office or will it hit a sour note?

Here's the plot synopsis:

Cole (Zac Efron), a 23-year-old DJ who struggles in the electronic dance music (edm) scene, has dreams of becoming a major record producer. Eventually, older DJ James (Wes Bentley) begins to mentor him, but Cole makes a connection with James' girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). When Cole's relationship with Sophie blossoms and his friendship with James begins to break down as a result, he is forced into difficult decisions over his future

After reading the synopsis most of you already get the feeling that this film will have a predictable ending since our aspiring DJ/ Producer will be left with a choice: Be with the girl he has feelings for and find happiness in the relationship or continue to pursue his dream of becoming a DJ and leave the girl behind. Aside from the love-story angle there will also be an ongoing conflict with the main character's friends. The ending of this movie could very well be cookie cutter predictable but that might not hurt the movie. The execution of the plot could disqualify this movie as average or from falling in "I've seen it all before" category.

Efron is taking a bit of a risk with this movie since some would consider him out of his depth in a dramatic movie since he has firmly established himself as a comedic actor. Whether Efron is trying to prove something or not you have to give him credit for branching out and trying something new even if it does feel like an unfiltered version of Highschool musical. The reaction to the trailer for this movie has been mixed and many EDM fans claim that the film is mocking EDM as a genre of music and will inspire a bunch of wannabe DJ's who will be misled by the films message, seems like EDM fans will be the harshest critics of this movie. Overall if the film can reach its target audience then it will recoup its money at the box the office, plus the film has a $10 million dollar budget so that's practically guaranteed.


"We Are Your Friends" hits theaters on August 28.


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