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Like most others, I was genuinely concerned about the new Fantastic Four movie. Yet, I was certain I would watch it simply because as a kid, I loved the first two. You can read more in detail about this here. So yes, I did end up watching the new Fantastic Four film in the cinema and then for fun, proceeded to revisit the original two films that I hadn't watched in years to see whether I can enjoy them at the age of 19 the way I did when I was 9 and 11. Having seen all three movies within the last week, I thought it'd be fun to rank them!

3) Fantastic Four (2015)

This movie was frustrating! There are movies that are just outright terrible, but this was NOT such a case. There were traces of a good movie in here. There were moments I genuinely liked and enjoyed. There was so much talent and so much potential! This movie was just plain disappointing more than anything else. The cast does well with what they're given. The story moves along well for most of the first half and I was quite engaged. I actually enjoyed the fresh approach and emphasis on the science fiction elements of the origin. However, it's the last thirty to forty minutes that are a complete train-wreck and ruin the film. The set-up of the first half shows good promise and could have been built into something enjoyable that would have been way more appreciated. Instead, its like the studio simply gave up on it and wanted to just finish it up and have it done as soon as possible, skipping over what should have been a middle act straight to a sudden and underwhelming climax. The special effects were okay, but there is a severe lack of action and any humor and this is undoubtedly the weakest film among the three.

2) Fantastic Four (2005)

I loved this movie when I was ten years old and watched it for the first time. Even today, while I certainly didn't love it to the same extreme, I enjoyed it as an hour and a half of disposable entertainment that never takes itself too seriously. Even in this case, I thought the casting was pretty good and although I haven't read the comics, I've heard that one of the few things the film got right was the key four characters. People found Chris Evans as Johnny Storm annoying but I enjoyed his character for what it was. This is a rare fun and bright superhero film that is clearly made for kids, the kind we don't see much of anymore. Its short, funny and has just enough action sequences to spice things up when they slow down. That being said, the villain, (although better interpreted then he would be 10 years later) is still quite terrible and never really feels like a threat since his powers aren't fully evolved and all he wants is revenge on the four. The special effects, even for 2005 can be a bit wonky on occasion and there's one too many cinematic liberties/convenient plot points, even for a superhero movie. That being said, I'd definitely much rather watch this again than the reboot.

1) Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer

This movie received a lot of hate for its interpretation of Galactus. When I watched it for the first time on the big screen I didn't know a thing about Galactus so didn't really mind that he was a giant space cloud. However, after years of more exposure and insight to the comic world, I can see why that was a total bummer. Regardless, the Silver Surfer makes for an interesting antagonist and for the only time in this series, our heroes are fighting someone they weren't in anyway responsible for creating which makes it easier to root for them. The effects and action sequences are the best in the series and the heroes' individual arcs are interesting too. Sure, the movie does have its flaws. There are a little too many convenient coincidences and inconsistent plot points in this film too. I don't normally mind this but perhaps they just stick out because other comparable films just have plots that seem a lot more "polished". Regardless, while not exceptional or very memorable, this was a fun watch even today and is definitely the best of the three.

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Which is your favourite Fantastic Four film?


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