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As independent filmmakers, we were inspired to cast, film, fund and engage our fans and followers in a completely different way. In doing so we gave birth to a movement called Social Filmmaking, a socially responsible philosophy that centers around providing our audience with a unique and intimate, real-time collaboration in the entire filmmaking process.

To demonstrate the unique experiences you can expect from Social Filmmaking we are using an Indiegogo Campaign to layout our entire case, one exhibit at a time, such as Social Casting. To prove our commitment to being socially accountable, we are encouraging supporters of Just Drive and Social Filmmaking to wait until the very end of our campaign (Sept 11) to decide whether or not our brand of entertainment is worthy of the support.

We are not only huge believers in the Indie Film world, but we are huge believers in giving back. The Social Filmmaking allows us to give back to the charities of our audiences picking, how cool is that?! Right now one of the charities we are working really closely with is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, and are open to anyone's request!

The film itself is equally as brilliant as the social filmmaking aspect. This contained psychological thriller, about a Hollywood whistle blower choosing between his life and his legacy. Contained inside a limo, the superstar must survive one last appearance before he can walk away, but his handlers are determined not to let the ride end.

Inspired by personal experiences, 'Just Drive’ is a story about the dark side of human ambition. To force the audience to experience the isolation, loneliness, and claustrophobic pressures surrounding Tony DeFranco. The entire story is set inside a limousine. The limo represents both a sarcophagus and the isolated world of luxury that is so close, yet so far away from the world outside.

inside the limo
inside the limo

Our award winning writer and producer, Kris Hulbert and Andrea Vahl, found their inspiration as they struggled their way to becoming better filmmakers.

"We have seen so many people 'make it' only to realize that success isn't what they envisioned. Their real friends and family aren't around anymore because the journey to success took to long and interest or faith had expired. Therefore the successful person is basically alone when he discovers he is surrounded by powerful industry people who are fundamentally corrupt. It is hard to give up an achieved dream when you put so much work and sacrifice, but this is a 'be careful what you work for, you might not like it when you get there' situation."

We have all dealt with false perceptions, ridicule, rejection, and overruling power in this industry and Just Drive brings it all to the forefront. Why hide the realness of the industry? We have decided to expose it!

Meet our professional team!

Cinematographer: Milton Santiago (Films played at the Tribeca Film Festival, Cine Vegas, Dances with Films, HBO First Look, and Newport Beach Film Festival. Star Trek: Axanar. IMDB)

Writer/Director: Kris Hulbert (The Perfect House)

Producer: Andrea Vahl

Composer: Frederik Weidmann (Justice League, Hostel 3, The Perfect House, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, a TON MORE. IMDB)

Sound Design: Digital Dreams (Bad Lieutenant, Hatchet, The Perfect House, Perry Mason [For real!] and hundreds more. IMDB)

CGI, Pre-Visualization: Leif Einarsson (AntMan, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Maleficent, Avengers: Age of Ultron. IMDB)

Keep up with the film, the process, the actors, and EVERYTHING Just Drive here!!

If you believe in us, our film, and our overall message we would greatly appreciate your help funding the film to make our dreams a reality. Visit our Indiegogo campaign here to help!

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follow just drive @JustDriveMovie



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