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I think the second one should have the same characters but more villians kids like: Caption Hook,Ursula,The evil stepmother from Cinderella.And for good kids:Aladdin,Ariel,and Peter Pan. And I think Mal (Dove Cameron) is gonna help her mom change back to normal,cause her mom lies and tells Mal she changed but didn't. Ben finds out him and Mal break up. Then Mail goes evil with her mom. Ben tells all the good kids and they all team up to stop Mal and her mom. Evie,Jay,and Carlos are kinda in the middle.Jay and Carlos went on the good side.Evie went with Mal,her mom,and the evil queen.Ben tries to talk Mal out of it but she's still mad at him for breaking up with her.So Mal gathers every villian and villians kids on the Isle of the Lost.So Ben gathers every person that lives in Auradon.So good and evil battle.Evil looses,Mal and Ben make up,Evie goes with Doug, Jay goes with Audrey,and Carlos still has dude but dates Jane(fairly god mothers daughter).And in there will be songs throughout it like the first one.And at the end the barrier is replaced on the Isle of the Lost,there will be a huge celebration and right before it goes off Mal and Ben kiss.


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