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Ian Thomas (Born April 30, 1997).

Ian Thomas is a singer/Songwriter and Actor. Ian became famous a cover of Justin Bieber's song "Baby" but he made an Dutch version of it. He wasn't a fanboy of Justin, but he did respect the artist very much. He looks up to Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake. Ian is from Belgium, Antwerpen. His first 2 Albums are actually not really known, but they were popular in belgium. But he started to work in the USA for a song "Walking on Air" with a lot of famous people (including Snoop Dog). His album "GameTime" got a new style, it became an Pop/R&B Pop style. He moved from Teen Pop to Pop/R&B Pop. Now on his 2 Singles "Cheers" and "Till The Morning" he got a new style again, he moved to Dance Pop/R&B Pop/R&B. Ian is going from nothing to something new. It's normal to compare him with Justin Bieber, only he has a lot of more money and that helped his succes a bit. But his succes also came from hard work and talent. Ian Thomas would love to work with Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, and a lot of more people. Ian won't diss anybody that doesn't diss him. He likes Respect a lot. Is he a Justin Bieber clone? No. He is Ian Thomas. He got his own style. His own succes and Talent. His fanbase is called ObsessIans or something like that.

Ian got cyberbullied a lot. But that only made him stronger. Also he and Justin Bieber met and he knows how kind Justin is. Also he would be proud again of the change Justin made this year. might happen 1 day. Ian is really young, he is not slowing down till his Idols are his Rivals. Okay that's something that is spoken hard, because not everything is about beating someone. Ian isn't just a singer, he also is a model now.

Ian already had Tyga and Flo Rida on his 2 new songs. Tyga knows Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, Flo Rida knows Cody Simpson and Austin Mahone. But in this case Justin Bieber and Chris Brown would do so fine on a song with Ian Thomas. Also Ians album would get bigger and bigger. Chris Brown revealed that it's not difficult to get him in the studio. Singing is what he does. Also Ian wouldn't just get bigger, but other stars might get afraid by him and he might also get the chance to work with other big artists. Like Justin Timberlake. . Also Ian isn't just all about Singing and Modeling. He acts to.

He will star in a TV-Show in Belgium called "Kattenoog" in english "Cat Eye" but it's about a town named "Kattenoog" so yeah. He will have the lead. I won't watch it, if it doesn't have subtitles, but i would love to get Ian some more expierence and move to anothe show in the USA. Like maybe in a show on Disney Channel. He would be arround 20 if "Kattenoog" has the same of episodes like "Vrijland" (FreeLand) and "Huis Anubis) (House Anubis). They got between 114 and 122 Episodes. 12 months. It's from the same makers or something. When he's 20 his fanbase would already be arround 4 Million i guess. Then if he get's 3 Years on Disney, he will rise to 15 Million. Then he might even go to a show simular to Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Arrow and with his singing go up to 30 Million. Justin Bieber would already have 100 Million by then. Then after he finishes a 5 Year TV Show, he will be 28, but in between maybe a movie or 2. And big albums with artists like Rihanna, Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, T.I, French Montana,... He would have a fanbase of 50 Million and then he gets started. He would go far in music and Movies.

I would love his album to go even farder up to something like this:

Album: (2017)

1- Ian Thomas

2- Ian Thomas Ft Justin Bieber

3- Ian Thomas Ft Chris Brown & Tyga

4- Ian Thomas

5- Ian Thomas

6- Ian Thomas Ft Usher

7- Ian Thomas

8- Ian Thomas Ft Rihanna

9- Ian Thomas Ft Tori Kelly

10- Ian Thomas Ft T.I, Flo Rida and Justin Bieber

11- Ian Thomas

12- Ian Thomas

13- Ian Thomas

14- Ian Thomas & Justin Timberlake Ft Bobby Shmurda

15- Ian Thomas & 5 Seconds of Summer


16- Ian Thomas

17- Ian Thomas

So give him a chance and listen to his music:

Ian Thomas seems to get so good, so i hope he gets on Ellen.

I think this is what every one needs to know.

Ian Thomas would do just fine as Nightwing, i do a fancast later.


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