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In 2008 we had received a decent, with awesome action, Incredible Hulk movie (which I have to point out was better than the 2003 version). The movie received different reviews, and introduced us to a villain that was kinda just thrown in for a monster versus monster battle. Now that Universal is being cheeky buggers about the rights to the 2008 film, it leaves one to wonder when will the Abomination return to big screen.


Holy Crap! Didn't even realize it has been 7 years since The Incredible Hulk came out. Damn. Anyways after the Hulk and A-Bomb had there big fight scene at the movie's finale, we see that he was not killed (which is because every Marvel hero kills there villain, well except for Thor). So what happened to the big guy, where'd he go, what's he doing, and why does he not have and Odin damn pants?

What Happened After The Events Of Hulk

A page from Fury's Big Week
A page from Fury's Big Week

Well from what we can tell from the Fury's Big Week Prelude comic book, the Abomination was imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA.

The T.V. show Agents of SHIELD has even made reference's to him as well.

For Example in season 1, Coulson tells Ward "I'll have you guarding Blonsky's cell", which is obviously referring to Emil Blonsky A.K.A. The Abomination.

When Can We See Him Back On The Big Screen?

When your mom brings home pizza
When your mom brings home pizza

At this time, it is up in the air whether Tim Roth will don the monster look again for any other MCU movie. It was theorized that he was going to be in Age of Ultron at one time, but that soon fell to pieces.

However my theory is that perhaps, General Thunderbolt Ross is not going to be in Captain America: Civil War to be Red Hulk, but maybe just maybe, he is there to give Tony Stark some insight on Blonsky.

You may be asking, why is Stark thrown into this? He is in this because in the Civil War comic-book story-line, Stark had to tip the balance between him and Cap. So he enlisted the help of Super Villains. It might be possible that General Ross is there for assistance, insight or for anything having to do with Abomination that will help Stark win on his side.

It's just a theory, so don't completely destroy my article because I had a theory.


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