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This week/Next Week/Next Month

1- Teen Titans (My Fancast) (Done)

2- Footloose (My Fancast) (A little change in the movie)

3- Twilight (Fancast) (More Adventure story)

4- 15 collaborates that i want to see (Done)

5- Pop Band i would make

6- Every Week after Teen Wolf a new theory and opinion about it, will go on, till it's over. I post it after i watch Wolf Watch, The After After Show, the next episode promo 3 times, again the episode, 2 hour sleep, then i watch the promo again and post it, and go to sleep.

7- I will post every new Teen Wolf trailer for 5B and a theory or whatever. My theorys can change every trailer, so just before it starts again i will give a new theory the real


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