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1. Winn Dixie

A feel-good movie, Winn Dixie is the film that truly captures the famous "dogs are a human's best friend" idea. When one, huge furry dog gets lost in a supermarket, India Opal Buloni finds something she's been needing since she moved to a new, small town: a big, friendly best friend. Winn Dixie, as she names him after the supermarket, leads Opal on a crazy trail, meeting new people and discovering friends in the unlikeliest of places. Winn Dixie is most definitely one of the greatest dogs of the film industry, full of adventure and excitement, and he even smiles!

2. Brian Griffin

From the show Family Guy, this hilarious, cartoon dog definitely rules the adult comedy world. Brian Griffin is a talking dog with quite a comedic side, and he is a stray labrador who can not only talk, but can drive cars and has quite a normal relationship with others, as if he is a human. He is very entertaining to watch, and is probably the funniest of the dogs listed here.

3. Scooby Doo

A dog that most of us grew up watching on television, Scooby Doo has got to be one of my favorites. Everything from his food-loving self, his friend group, and the fact that he's a dog fighting monsters makes him endearing to the audience. This is definitely one of the greatest shows that includes a dog.

4. Toto

You can bet your're not in Kansas anymore Toto, because you've hit the Hollywood screen! The very famous dog from The Wizard of Oz, little Toto comes with Dorothy to the magical world of Oz and accompanies her on quite an adventure! He is the perfect sidekick to sweet little Dorothy, not to mention he rides in a basket and is down right adorable.

5. Snoopy

A definite classic from the Peanuts, Snoopy is a no-brainer when it comes to popular and famous dogs in the entertainment business. He is funny and cute, not to mention Charlie Brown's absolute best friend. As we watch him battle the Red Baron, and pretend to fly we are definitely transported to another world. It is super fun and entertaining to watch, and probably another one of my faves!


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