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Emma Swan has always been the backbone of the show Once Upon a Time, but when the series returns for season 5 September 27th the group will have to do without their savior.


At the D23 Expo this past weekend, the show runners unveiled the first two minutes of the premiere. In the sneak preview, we were able to see that the premiere will begin where season 4 left off, with Emma becoming the Dark One. We then are given a moment where Regina says it was stupid of her to do it, and the group chastise her, knowing that it was the only way to save her as well as the town. Hook runs over and grabs the dagger, knowing a way to bring her back is to hold it and summon her:

"Dark One, with this dagger I command thee, return! Dark One appear!"


Nothing happens, and Regina explains that that is because she can't be summoned if she was sent to another world. With the image that was released of Emma and Rumple, there may be hope that she is in the Enchanted Forest, however that still wouldn't explain why Rumple is there. After all, during the season finale he was left passed out in his shop as the Dark One essence was ripped from his body.

Jack Rowand/ABC
Jack Rowand/ABC

The panel also revealed another look at Amy Manson, who will be making an appearance as Merida in the new season. Eddy Kitsis, executive producer, confirmed that she will be in the premiere:

"We will meet her in the premiere and how we meet her I don't want to spoil."

Adam Horowitz, another producer and creator of the show, added that Amy was fantastic and a wonderful addition to the ensemble.

It looks like the coming season of Once will bring even more adventures and surprises for viewers. Make sure to tune in to find out what is in store.

Once Upon a Time returns September 27th to ABC.

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