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I love Marvel's movies they are the best of our generation thank you so much for the Entertainment Marvel.
Yazziel Lopez

○- Soul Stone

♢- Mind Stone


* Blond with Tiel Highlights

* Green Eyes

* 5"5

* Light Skin Tone

* From Australia

* 17 and half y/o


So far she can Mind Control and Make Souls Visible also Death and Life. The Powers are still in progress.

Back Story:

Serinnah was fused with two infinite stones after the Avengers took down on Thenos. The Stones were the Mind Stone and the Soul Stone. All this Happend when she was 16 years old. When (The Company) capture her for studies and experiments (The Company) went and killed all of her family Serinnah's angre grew bigger and stronger. When Serinnah was 17 and half she escaped the research facility in Australia. Serinnah had killed everyone in the Facility leaving nothing but dead bodies all over the floors. Even the plants and animals were killed.

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