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So at this years D23, Disney decided to show off some impressive Civil War footage. Sadly, that footage has yet to be released to the public. So the question remains, When will the footage be released? Now, I have a couple of ideas as to when the trailer will air.


It wouldn't be to shocking to see Marvel show The Civil War trailer with The good dinosaur, the only problem is that The good dinosaur will be (more then likely) pg, and Disney may not be comfortable with showing it then. But then again the second choice will also possibly be pg so who knows?


With 5 out of the 6 Star Wars movies being pg, this movie will more then likely be pg, but Disney might wanna take the series in a different direction. Another reason Marvel may decide to put The Civil War trailer in here is because they cater to the same type of audience. But the problem with this is by the time Star Wars is out Civil War will be in 5 months. Another reason for this is to be unlikely is because Disney, and Marvel have a bad habit of making things and events up on the spot. Which is why the third choice is...

3. A random unannounced event

They did it last year, it wouldn't be that big of a surprise to me if they did it this year and announced some casting news, a trailer for Civil War and Doctor Strange, and other Marvelous stuff. And the final choice is

4. Agents of Shield

They planned it for Age of Ultron, and Agent Carter tried it for Ant-Man. If Marvel wanted to continue this streak then they could easily do this, and if I'm correct then Agents of Shield will return in late September or somewhere in October. Thanks for reading this article. I'm new at this so please don't be to harsh. Share this article around, and go subscribe to my channel where I play games and talk about movies.

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When Will the Civil War trailer be released?


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