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While the movie isn't arriving any time soon, we're all getting excited with the D23 preview of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)! The entire internet is awaiting the mass release of the teaser, but until then we can only speculate about what will happen in our next Marvel movie. We know the basic premise of the film is going to focus on the Superhuman Registration Act that will split our Avengers into factions and pit them against each other, but we still don't know how the movie will end, or how it will affect the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here are the four possible endings I foresee to Captain America: Civil War!

**Comic Book(s) Spoilers to Follow!**

1. Iron Man and Cap Make a Deal

In the original comic, around the middle of the story, Cap and his team are surrounded by Stark's Avengers as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. so they agree to talk out their differences, but in the hand shake Cap sticks a static charge onto the Iron Man suit and disables Tony for a few minutes, and in the confusion he and his team escape. In an alternate universe depicted in "What If: Civil War" we see that Cap and Tony really did talk it out and come to an agreement. They go to the press with their compromise without talking to any of the governments involved and explain to the people that Cap and Stark have quit fighting and agreed that all super humans will register with an authoritative force and that force will be led by Captain America. Stark adds that Cap is the only man that should be trusted with secret identities as he's the most trustworthy man he knows. The American people are ecstatic about the law and the government has no choice so they relinquish control over to Rogers. This compromise is good for both Stark and Cap because both of their concerns are met. Stark's being that there should be more strict control over training, and super-powered individuals, and Cap's, who doesn't believe that the government can be trusted with information such as secret identities.

Now the chances of this ending translating to the big screen are pretty slim. For one, secret identities aren't a part of the MCU, the heroes have been public with their faces and names. Other than Ant-Man and possibly Spider-Man, our heroes are well known, but this ending would give Cap control over the training and future of the Avengers Initiative; however this ending would be pretty anti-climatic, after several fight scenes and intense emotions between our beloved characters, so to have them just sit down and shake hands would be an awkward ending to the movie that is supposed to change the MCU forever.

2. A Greater Enemy?

We know Civil War will feature other villains like the Winter Soldier, Crossbones and Baron Zemo so I could see the two factions of our heroes siding together to face a common enemy who in the end has been a puppet master of the new registration law, and possibly other goings on in the film and/or universe. The ending to the legality part of the Civil War would end in a similar way to the "What If?" storyline where they made Cap in charge of the Avengers Initiative, as they show the American people that the villains had a hand in manipulating the government, so the Avengers want to remain a separate identity.

3. Captain America Imprisoned

In the end of the original comic, Captain America surrenders to the government after he's attacked by ordinary civilians. He realizes that he and his team have become feared and hated, and are working against the same people they're trying to protect. He is arrested and will stand trial.
If this was the ending in the film we can most likely expect to see Iron Man come to get Cap's help during the Avengers Infinity Wars after the promise of amnesty. This would take Cap out of the MCU until 2018 but bring him back for the biggest team up of all when he's really needed to lead the Avengers against Thanos.

4. Captain America Killed

"It wasn't worth it."
"It wasn't worth it."

In the Civil War follow up comic "Fallen Son," Steve is walking up to the courthouse to stand trail when he's shot by a sniper and killed. The sniper turns out to be his on-and-off-again girlfriend Sharon Carter (Agent 13) who's being psychically controlled by villain Dr. Faustus, working with Crossbones and Red Skull. Cap is eventually shown to NOT be dead, but the bullet actually displaced Rogers from time and space, and he was later "resurrected."

I could see this translating to the MCU with a bit of a twist, if Faustus is coming to the MCU (we still don't know what character Martin Freeman will be playing in the film), we could see him working for the Red Skull, or even for Thanos himself. If we saw Cap shot and the bodies switched, we could have an after credits scene with Cap alive but captured by the villains, or maybe sold to the Collector and kept in his museum? Could the Guardians find him in Guardians 2, maybe in an after credits scene? If so, that could easily be the incident that brings the Avengers and Guardians together as they take Cap back to Earth.

In the meantime we could see Bucky take the shield and name Captain America, like he did during Steve's absence in the comics, it would be a great way for him to work off the misdeeds he did as a villain, we could see some great character development and he could join the Avengers under the leadership of Hawkeye, Black Widow, or even Iron Man. I very much want to see a Captain America movie where Bucky is Cap and Steve Rogers doesn't even appear, I think it could be awesome. Code names are constantly being passed on when a character dies or retires in the comics, it's time this tradition be shown on the big screen!

I think this is my personal preference of what I want to see as an ending in Captain America: Civil War. I think it would please both the hardcore fans, and be a shocking and twisted ending for the average movie-goers that would make us all realize Marvel will just do whatever the crap they want to keep us shocked and guessing. The only problem I see is that we have yet another fake Marvel death where someone dies but not permanently, but Chris Evans will return as Captain America with only a single movie left in his contract! I'm OK with them faking his death if he still dies once the contract is over.


What would you like to see as an ending to Civil War?


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