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Goodnight Mommy. I am fairly certain you are aware of the title from that polarizing trailer Radius released a few days ago that's been pumping many horror buffs up. And if not, here it is.

People have even gone to claim it is the "scariest trailer of all time". Now, I had the benefit to actually watch "Goodnight Mommy" as means of its earlier release in Europe by a website that showcase movies in Europe to Americans.

I had actually watched the trailer several times, and made a little analysis of it to myself. So you could say when I watched this movie, I was expecting something that just...wasn't there. I am afraid I may be getting into spoiler territory, so I shall plaster a big SPOILER WARNING! right here.

Everyone here ready? OK.

"Goodnight Mommy" is a foreign horror movie about two twin boys who believe their mother is not who they think soon after a traumatizing car crash and surgery. As the movie goes on, the mother seems to get more menacing, until about halfway.

It seemed that at one point, the mother decided to stop being a creeper, and suddenly become understanding. The transition didn't feel exactly smooth for the mother, but if worked stellarly for the twins. As the movie progresses, their innocence becomes deceivingly questionable.

It seemed that this movie was very in the vein of a recent horror masterpiece I had the pleasure to proclaim my favorite horror movie ever, "The Babadook". They both had atmospheres that almost drowned you in their presence. Each had an almost trapped feeling, more so with "Goodnight Mommy", as the movie almost exclusively takes place in the twins home. That was very much present in the trailers. And, sadly, so were the lies.

In "Goodnight Mommy", the trailer showcases a rather creepy scene where one twin hides under the mother's bed after a cockroach they put on her face crawls on her mother, and then it flashes to her crunching. I honestly shivered at that point in the trailer. But in the movie, it never happens. Well, atleast not like that.

Firstly, they weren't even in the room when she crunches...on a granola bar, I think. Definitely not a cockroach. I actually rewinded 3 times to see if I missed the part with the cockroach. Nope, wasn't there. Later in the film, a cockroach does crawl in her mouth, but it is never really used as a plot point. Almost like filler. There was a nightmare scene where it showed one twin cut her open and cockroaches start to crawl out, but besides that, not ever again.

The almost anti-christ horrors were showcased in the trailer, with the burning crops, the cross, and one twin with a mask in a fire. While these scenes do take place, they are not at all in the context the trailer puts them into.

And my final complaint is this:the twist ending. I didn't guess it, surprisingly, but it was such a cliched twist, that it felt almost like an M. Night Shyamalan twist. It was really bad, to be honest. And when you watch the film over, with the twist in mind, it just doesn't make any sense.

You Spoiler Avoiders may return now...

Now to the positives:Firstly, the slow-burn. This is not a movie that relies on jump scares like several horror movies today, a trend I feel has been overused. So, if you are into that, do not watch this film. If you love a slow-burn, then you should. My little sister actually fell asleep because she said it was boring, but the entire time my palms were sweating slightly. Throughout the film, it maintains a moderate dread. And I LOVE it.

Second, the camera work. The way the filmmakers maneuvered the camera throughout the house, it really helped encapsulate the closed-in feeling the twins feel. It really works for what the films tries to do, so I would definitely have to give props to them. They even managed to make some pretty wide-shots claustrophobic by the abundance of trees around the house, or the clustered apartments in the town in one scene.

And finally, the make-up design. Of course the actors were great, but they are honestly nothing if the blood on them looks fake. The way they filmed "Goodnight Mommy", each injury looked so real I could almost feel it.

So, guys, I would say "Goodnight Mommy" is a pretty scary ride. Just don't go see it based off the trailer. The trailer kind of portrays it as, "Oh no, jumpscares. Ahh." But it is not. There may be scenes that some people have to walk out, because this movie is pretty twisted, so I would definitely recommend not eating before this one. Don't take that as gore porn, though. It really isn't. Just sometimes deeply disturbing. But isn't that what we want?

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