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The media streaming company has not offered the same deal to all of its employees which has raised criticism.

According to the most recent news on Netflix, it was seen that the firm was being a little biased towards some of its employees and giving more preference to some, resulting in much criticism from all over the industry. Recently, the firm reported that it has announced a new deal for the employees in which an individual can avail as many holidays he wants and that too, paid day offs.

This policy was mainly for people who had a baby recently or if they adopted a child. Criticism towards the policy might sound impossible since this was an offer for employees that nobody would want to miss out on. However, there were some people who raised concerns about the new policy of the firm which according to them was a little unfair and not offered to everyone on an equal basis.

Netflix streaming media firm has been criticized with quite a lot of questions which suggested that the new policy of the firm will not be working much in the future for the employees. Some people were also of the opinion that the firm could not possibly be giving away paid leaves and that too for an unlimited period of time and once someone actually asks for it, there are chances that the company decides otherwise.

Apart from that, there was one more concern raised by the employees and that was what if a leave request of an employee was not approved by the online streaming website due to an excuse of low quality work given by him. Those employees could also be accused of taking an advantage out of the whole new policy which was something that raised concerns in the first place.

Another factor that has created quite a stir within the industry is that Netflix is offering this only to the employees who work round the clock in the company and the ones who work in the distribution centers for DVD are not going to be able to avail this offer. If those workers are taken into consideration, it will be seen that around 400 and above Netflix employees will not be able to take the paid leaves which has initiated the issue of inequality among the workforce.

One of the Netflix fans has reported started an online poll which has asked the company to start offering the same deal to all of its employees instead of just some of them and should focus on bringing in equality among the work force and not to divide them on the basis of the kind of jobs they have in the company.


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